Menna bring us quality uplifting track ‘Feel This Way’

Menna is here with lots of bouncy tech house on the new single with stunning male and female vocals on ‘Feel This Way‘.

This is all about having fun together and not taking things too seriously. Life is wild right now and falling in love is the last thing on your mind as you just want to enjoy yourself and be happy. This is a mainstream driven track with heavenly vocals, polished off with a heavy hitting, festival rocking drop. The beat is scrumptious and has zero assumptions. There is a contemporary style here that makes me want to dance all night, all sweaty on the dance floor.

Menna brings his a-game on this ripping beat that catches your attention all the way through. A marvelous fusion of powerful vocals really impresses all listeners and I love this fine track.

Feel This Way‘ from Menna is one of the best dance songs that have been released in 2020 due to the quality production. After the success of debut ‘Sunset‘, this should be a new favorite on playlists all over the world.

Click here for the Soundcloud page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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