Mid Twelve Releases Rap Hip-Hop Vibe Track ’40’ (Prod. by Alexx)

Have you ever met someone who can’t vibe with a party without a 40 in at least one hand? Meet the leader of these people, mid Twelve. Now your pre-gaming set can have its own audible bottles with the song 40. Produced by Alexx, this song combines deep kicks and tight snares with just enough atmosphere to keep you entranced without getting seasick.

Mid Twelve is an artist who isn’t trying to rap too quickly or sing too dynamically. He’s cool and collected through his verses, even while delivering threats of violence to those who’d step at him. This is an artist who moves through and explores a theme and what better theme to dive into than those magical bottles that make the night worth having for so many people. After hearing this song, grab a 40 and hit repeat. You’ll want to be in the spirit in the way it’s meant to be heard. This isn’t product placement, but it still feels vaguely effective. Advertisers, this artist is doing the work for you! Hit up mid Twelve and give credit where it’s due. I may need one myself after writing this…

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