Rap revolutionary Muncy versed for the voicelessly oppressed in Not Being Heard

Taken from his 2022 album, Rhythm & Raw Rhymes, Muncy’s visceral rap track, Not Being Heard, is an anti-capitalist masterpiece which disembowels the seedy underbelly of institutional oppression and the silencing of those with every right to protest against it.

With every new bar energetically delivered, the emotion pick ups momentum around the cinematically jazzy and neo-classic-influenced hip hop instrumentals. There isn’t much room to wonder why so many hip-hop fans looking for a vindicating voice have jumped on the fearless vulnerability of the Michigan-hailing artist.

From calling out the government for their fake generosity to creating clever metaphors about inflation in his verses; evidently, Muncy has exactly what it takes to embolden his listeners with intellect and cause a revolutionary ripple through the music industry. His LP may have been the punkest thing to happen in 2022.

Stream the Rhythm & Raw Rhymes album on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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