Pulling rabbits out the hat: Pr1ncemusic is less text and more ‘Magic Tricks’

Bringing his likable rap flow to easily breeze through the stagnant competition, Pr1ncemusic is full of mystifying intriguing on ‘Magic Tricks‘ via his latest sharply tuned new single that is full of hearts and spades.

Pr1ncemusic is an electrifying underground Worcester, West Midlands in the UK producer/rapper, who confidently bars up that shuffle-the-deck power hip-hop, that leads us into the wild world of the side-corner shadows.

He shows us what life is really like out there in the sketchy streets and dimly-lit back bars, where you have to look around twice, away from the television puppets that marshmallow your impressionable mind.

You can feel his UK drill and trap influences filter through the percolating beat that has your heart beating extra, his mysterious style is utterly tremendous and keeps you off your stale seat, as you wisely turn him up a bit more, to lather yourself into his sensational lyrical ability.

Magic Tricks‘ from the quality UK emcee Pr1ncemusic, is that late-at-night supreme track after a great night out with mates. The world is a tricky place sometimes and the way that he twists and wordplay’s himself here, is quite royal flush.

Stream this dope track on Spotify and see his visuals on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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