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Hope I See You: Jiggydontspeak feels lots of lipstick on his sheets with ‘Dreams’

After eloquently showing us her expensive tastes whilst roaming around town on ‘American Express‘, Jiggydontspeak wonders if the girl that has him grinning like a cheeky cat will be making a much-awaited appearance all in his ‘Dreams‘.

Sako aka Jiggydontspeak, is quick-flowing space music rapper from Hamilton East, Waikato in beautiful New Zealand, who currently lives in busy London, England.

Dreams is a melancholic rap song on a UK Drill beat that is about trying to escape reality and find inner peace with yourself and your significant other.” ~ Jiggydontspeak

On a loaded single which has much promise, we are thrown inside the love-struck story which keeps him awake for hours on end. He can feel the lipstick everywhere he sleeps and knows that she wants more – but other random dudes are taking her away from you – as you wish that they would find other interests and leave you two alone for that quality time.

The creative process of this track was just me reflecting on the state of mind I was in at that moment and how I could express my emotions and turn it to art.” ~ Jiggydontspeak

Dreams‘ from the New Zealand-born, UK-based indie rap artist Jiggydontspeak, is a fast rapped track from a highly confident ripped artist who knows that his ultimate lover is in high demand. He feels like she needs to brush away all those other dusters, and ride with him rather, as he knows what she needs. Made with a bounce-laded flow which certainly gets you off that lazy chair, this is an imaginative song all about dreaming about that special soul you see yourself with.

Check out this new track on his Spotify and see more stylish adventures on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Pulling rabbits out the hat: Pr1ncemusic is less text and more ‘Magic Tricks’

Bringing his likable rap flow to easily breeze through the stagnant competition, Pr1ncemusic is full of mystifying intriguing on ‘Magic Tricks‘ via his latest sharply tuned new single that is full of hearts and spades.

Pr1ncemusic is an electrifying underground Worcester, West Midlands in the UK producer/rapper, who confidently bars up that shuffle-the-deck power hip-hop, that leads us into the wild world of the side-corner shadows.

He shows us what life is really like out there in the sketchy streets and dimly-lit back bars, where you have to look around twice, away from the television puppets that marshmallow your impressionable mind.

You can feel his UK drill and trap influences filter through the percolating beat that has your heart beating extra, his mysterious style is utterly tremendous and keeps you off your stale seat, as you wisely turn him up a bit more, to lather yourself into his sensational lyrical ability.

Magic Tricks‘ from the quality UK emcee Pr1ncemusic, is that late-at-night supreme track after a great night out with mates. The world is a tricky place sometimes and the way that he twists and wordplay’s himself here, is quite royal flush.

Stream this dope track on Spotify and see his visuals on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Hot in these streets: Birmingham’s Trapboy Lew drops hard-hitting single ‘Salute Me’

Trapboy Lew returns with more life lessons to learn from, on the top shelf new single named ‘Salute Me‘.

North West Birmingham-based underground UK drill rapper Trapboy Lew, formulates that supremely raw flow music that speaks of street stories, growing up in the UK with all that’s going on right now, and what his mindset is to survive the trials and tribulations, that occur on the daily where he’s from.

With a smooth delivery that shaves closer than your local barber, we are brought to a warehouse where his crew are ready to let loose. They are keeping low as things have got slightly hot but they are town legends so all will be okay.

His lyrical dynamism is clearly apparent as the catchy chorus has you automatically joining in with vocals. This is a sharply dressed, self-motivated artist, who opens the door on what life is like when you want to feed your team- to live the life you know you deserve.

Salute Me‘ from the fiery Birmingham emcee Trapboy Lew, takes you underground to where the real music is, as we are transported like Jason Statham to a place where you need to have your wits about you to survive. With an unwavering  powerful presence, he exudes confidence and you feel like this is a real story, not a fairy tale that has been quickly fabricated.

When you have a strong team that are willing to go where you lead, this is where the extra pressure comes from if things go belly up, but if its all roses, you will be hailed as one of the greats.

See the fire video made together with P110 on YouTube, hit the stream on Spotify to hear this ace emcee and check out his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

The mysterious traveler: Wandsworth emcee/producer Mr Halcyon drops real consciousness on ‘Moonless Dark’

Mr Halcyon is a superb South London based rapper and producer who is on a mission to get his music out to the world. He returns with the mind-bending and brilliant ‘Moonless Dark’.

‘’A unique individual who travels thru time; exploring social economic issues whilst drawing his opinions on spirituality, youth violence and governmental conspiracy theories.’’- Mr Halcyon

His DIY Trip Hop beats sizzle like a steaming full English breakfast, the fusion with Hip Hop instrumentals that slips in some acoustic rock, UK drill and trap; this is a packed full meal that you will fill up that empty stomach and open your mind.

When you have influences such as the excellent conscious rapper/activist Akala and the tremendous creativity of Jam Baxter, you know that this is a going to be a song with actual meaning and not a bubble gum piece of chewy music that only lasts a few minutes. This is that style of music that is memorable and so gritty, with that real storytelling aura that you don’t hear much these days unless you dig really deep.

Packed full of street stories from an emcee that sees the bigger picture and actually knows what is truly going on real-time, not what the news says, as that can be twisted into knots and suit whoever is pulling the strings. Social issues and gang violence topics are brought up here which is sadly a massive issue in the UK currently.

His bars are hard and dark, this is that shadow in the night music to play when you are cruising with the crew late in the evening, looking around to make sure you are safe and no one is following you. The paranoid Hip Hop style is alarmingly in your face and he gets your heartbeat right up to the max.

South London’s Mr Halcyon drops one of the best UK tracks 2020 has seen on ‘Moonless Dark’. His lyrical armor is heavy and he shreds most emcees easily with his almost-wizardry wordplay, that is what this genre needs. The current climate in the UK is a reflection of this song, with confusion and mistrust only growing strong by the day. This is a standout effort from an artist who is only just getting started and shows why UK Hip Hop is the best in the world and has taken over from the mostly watered down rap from across the sea.

Hear this gem on Spotify and follow his music journey on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

UK Drill rapper Yaaru smashes through the speakers with new Tamil-language EP ‘Kelvi Kuri’

Yaaru dazzles on his brand new Tamil-rap EP that will blow your mind on ‘Kelvi Kuri‘.

The world has always been fascinated with masks. In the music world right now where being authentic is the best way to have a long career, Yaaru is adding his name to the list. He raps with such passion and shows his lyrical skills here with a brooding beat that is perfect for those late nights while driving in your friends car while you look at the streets.

Antha Podiyan‘ and ‘Thiramai‘ are the two standouts here on the new EP. The bass is so savage it would make Rihanna proud. This is all about life from kid days to what is going on now. The passion is so clear to see and the storytelling is fast and fiery.

Kelvi Kuri‘ from Yaaru is an EP with an underground beat that is brilliantly crafted with much skill. This is an EP to play real loud and to appreciate. The fusion here is a work of art.

Click here for the Spotify page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Upcoming female drill artist BeckMilli shows off her skills on ‘Do Road’

UK drill artist BeckMilli has released a new track ‘Do Road’: an impressive drill hit. 

As popular as drill is becoming in burgeoning out from its London roots, there’s still a healthy amount of new rappers on the scene – and one to definitely keep an eye on is BeckMilli. The South-London based rapper comes out strong with ‘Do Road’, and she flaunts some seriously impressive staccato drill flows on top of some supremely put together production. 

Where their track shines most is the production – with the track’s instrumental providing a wobbling drill 808 pivoting across the snare hits in the way that has made drill such a smash hit success, and ‘Do Road’ does very well in encapsulating why this sound is growing at such an astonishing pace. 

 You can listen to ‘Do Road’ on BeckMilli’s Soundcloud page.