Cecilie Dimma – Ice Cream: Soul R&B with A Contemporary Pop Kick

When I first hit play on the latest hit by Cecilie Dimma, I thought I was going to be immersed in yet another predictable R&B & Soul track, yet Cecilie Dimma blew the cobwebs of my expectation with her latest track Ice Cream. The Copenhagen, Denmark based artist’s latest collaboration piece is hot off the press, released on April 6th, 2018, just in time to treat her fans to the sounds of summer. What creates a better summer vibe than songs about Ice Cream, right?

The R&B bassline still pounds behind the beat of the track which has been pioneeringly composed to add more synth than you could possibly shake a stick at in the Urban Electro Pop mash up. Cecilie’s sultry voice is flawless, combined with the rhythmic flow of Rapper Gavin, you really couldn’t ask for more from a contemporary R&B artist. Whilst the subject matter to Ice Cream wouldn’t be to my usual taste, there was something enigmatic about her passionate lyrical approach to the track which gives me high hopes for her upcoming EP ‘Addicted to the Drama’.

You can check out Cecilie Dimma’s latest track Ice Cream on SoundCloud now, head on over to Facebook to show some love & keep up to date on her new releases.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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