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Pulling rabbits out the hat: Pr1ncemusic is less text and more ‘Magic Tricks’

Bringing his likable rap flow to easily breeze through the stagnant competition, Pr1ncemusic is full of mystifying intriguing on ‘Magic Tricks‘ via his latest sharply tuned new single that is full of hearts and spades.

Pr1ncemusic is an electrifying underground Worcester, West Midlands in the UK producer/rapper, who confidently bars up that shuffle-the-deck power hip-hop, that leads us into the wild world of the side-corner shadows.

He shows us what life is really like out there in the sketchy streets and dimly-lit back bars, where you have to look around twice, away from the television puppets that marshmallow your impressionable mind.

You can feel his UK drill and trap influences filter through the percolating beat that has your heart beating extra, his mysterious style is utterly tremendous and keeps you off your stale seat, as you wisely turn him up a bit more, to lather yourself into his sensational lyrical ability.

Magic Tricks‘ from the quality UK emcee Pr1ncemusic, is that late-at-night supreme track after a great night out with mates. The world is a tricky place sometimes and the way that he twists and wordplay’s himself here, is quite royal flush.

Stream this dope track on Spotify and see his visuals on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Feeling so good: Tee Official tells us about his journey to being ‘King of the Hill’

With confidence in droves and with a riveting rap delivery, Tee Official shows us up the mountain to where he’s at on ‘King of the Hill‘.

Nigerian/UK emcee Tee Official is an emerging Peckham-born, Thamesmead-raised, South London-based hip-hop artist, who makes that impressively raw British street-hop that is has you listening intently all the way through.

This is the story of feeling like assured, as things are going well right now and you need to be more respected in the game. The fly ladies are noticing your style which could get you into trouble one of these days, but for now the crew is tight and the night is very young.

He raps with that inner conviction that everything is going to work out, as the lights up the mic to shred some seriously impressive bars over a catchy beat, that has your head nodding for hours.

King of the Hill‘ from the hungry South London rapper Tee Official, is that bouncy street track to play at the house party, or for when you are out with the crew looking for snacks to devour later on. He raps with that impressive flow that is sure to have you playing his music for days and imagining him playing live at a massive festival, to fully get a true sense of his artistic quality.

Hear this hot track here on Spotify and see his stylish ways on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Going all the way to the top: UK emcee Boasty drops excellent visuals for ‘Messiah’

Boasty is back with his latest awe-inspiring music video made by 4REIGNERS, that continues to raise the bar of UK music on a global level via ‘Messiah‘.

Barbados-born, London, United Kingdom-based Hip-Hop emcee Boasty, makes that top shelf music that lifts the mood and digs deep at hard truths that often get swept under the carpet.

With a swarming genuine lyrical ability that very few posses, this is a warrior wordsmith with an uncanny ability to keep you closely riveted to his ferociously harmonious rhymes throughout this terrific track, and never deviate for a second.

Messiah: a leader regarded as the savior of a particular country, group, or cause.

This is the story of knowing that your bars are supremely quality and upper echelon, while other fake posers somehow grab the limelight at times with their nursery rhyme stories and false street lies that bare no truth in the slightest. Letting things slide for too long can eat you up inside like a hungry lion, so you have to play the long game to secure optimum impact that makes sure you are always winning.

With a memorizing lyrical style that is slick and world class, this is a true emcee that clearly practices his craft and doesn’t just go on raw ability.

The music video itself is visually outstanding and cinematic. These are excellent visuals that truly enhances the song and breathes extra air into the lungs of the UK Hip-Hop scene, that has scene a massive explosion of popularity over the last few years, with this artist right up there along the most well-respected around- with his arrow only pointed upwards.

Messiah‘ from top shelf London, UK emcee Boasty is a picture of excellence through a raw track that dazzles your mind due to the intricate self-awareness and music intelligence, to make a song that is truly memorable.

After all, to be truly great at what you set your mind to, you need to want it more than anyone else and train like the best.

Watch this dope video on YouTube and see the visuals on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Move slow, die young: Sixsense drops soul-moving street story classic ‘Shylock’

Sixsense is back with his 3rd single called ‘Shylock‘ and this is a deeply crafted track that will have you feeling suddenly reflective. You feel this real life song stop you in your tracks with its real flow, that speaks of true stories of growing up in a cold world.

Sixsense is a North London-based emcee who raps with that old school flow consciousness and speaks about his experiences, as his opens up the curtains- to show how life is currently in this covid-stricken world.

When he spits, you listen. Influenced by true storytellers like Nas, J. Cole and Loyle Carner, you feel that he is a young man who puts everything he has, into every line penned from his profoundly brilliant brain.

Shylock‘ from North London fast-emerging Hip-Hop artist Sixsense, is that soul-moving track you put on when you feel you have been around too much fakeness, for one day and need to wake up to the realness again. With stories about life in the tough streets, dealing with former friends that have let him down, the pursuit of love and finding his path in this detour-filled world, this is a powerful track that will have you thinking deeply about life.

With a heartfelt song that shows immense potential, you hope that he walks down the right road to fulfilling all his deepest dreams and desires. This is that A-grade music that actually matters and inspires the lost souls.

Get your mind interlocked to quality rhymes of substance via the excellent video (visuals by Kaylo) on YouTube, Spotify and see more on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

When you know its real or not: Fast-rising UK emcee LCR obliterates the mic on ‘Fake Love’

LCR is back to impress yet again on the real Hip Hop story that can engulf even the wisest souls via ‘Fake Love‘.

Recently signed to Saliba Music Group after first hitting the UK rap music scene as an underground indie artist, you get the feeling that LCR is going to blow up huge, if he can stay focused and avoid the tempting traps that so many walk into and can’t untangle themselves from.

Fresh-faced and already wise beyond his years, this is a young emcee that can see through the fake world that so many feel that they can walk into and exit at anytime. He displays a flow that is immaculately delivered like a real pro and you can see why he was recently signed.

Everything LCR does seems effortless and when you look into his eyes you can see the hunger and self-motivated attitude that will take him far.

The on-point production proves why the world has been noticing UK Hip Hop for a while now as some music across the pond can appear washed up and bubble gum sticky and forgetful.

After remembering life riding on the local bus, LCR appears to have the want-it mindset that the greats have. If you want it, you gotta go and grab it before someone else does. Those extra hours in the studio mastering your flow are worth it while other rappers waste their time in bars and other places that serve no purpose to the master-plan.

Fake Love‘ is a message to all those who are trying to gas this young musician up as he is ready for what is next and knows where he needs to be. When you have that burning fire inside you, anything is possible. LCR is on the way up and shows no signs of stopping for a break.

Hear this top track on his Spotify and see the career progression on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

The underdog that wants it bad: Nigerian born UK emcee Mukhy makes a huge statement on ‘SWERVE!’(ft DxBoY)

Sometimes you get that special feeling when you turn on a new song. Mukhy takes a blowtorch to all obstacles in his way on his new track ‘SWERVE!’ (ft DxBoY). The mysteriously intense tiptoe shaker beat blusters in with a blazing entry that busts through the creaking door. This is the way to make an memorable entrance.

With the self-confidence of a man that knows what he wants plus a ravaging lyrical delivery that eats away at those corny rappers that get too much love, he’s already half way there to getting where he wants to go.

He swerves out of the way from sewage-type bad vibes that stinks out the joint. He has an ominous rap style that is so refreshing in a world full of short-term mumble pop-tarts that have no place on the mic.

The beat couldn’t have been made any better for the vision of the track and this song is like a powerful jack-hammer against the wall of cheesy music that is soft and breaks easily. This is a man who is fired up, knows who his real friends are, and is only concerned with respect from the true music fans and long-lasting success.

If you want it, you gotta go and get it. Mukhy seems to want success more than most and proves this on ‘SWERVE!’ (ft DxBoY). With a vicious lyrical flow, he sweeps all others under the mat to gather dust. Time will tell if he has the self-motivation to carry on when the chips are down but the odds are on him winning. When you quit your dull job to get back into music, losing is not an option.

View this fiery song featuring two of the best emcee’s around via YouTube and find out more about Mukhy on his FB and IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen