Lady Jay Delivers With New Single ‘We Tried’ Ft Ria Boss

Multi talented RnB vocalist and songwriter Lady Jay returns with new single ‘We Tried’ featuring Ria Boss. The track has an impressive mix of Jay’s Ghanaian roots but it also has a wonderful dash of popular Western RnB sounds which elevate it to new heights and gives it a delightfully exciting rich sound that is missing from the current charts at the moment. Boss and Jay fit together perfectly and their soulful voices blend together beautifully to create a mesmerising harmony overlayed with addictive beats. While the relatable lyrics of heartache will resonate with many listeners of all ages across the globe.

Overall this is an incredibly exciting release that has the potential to reach a wide audience of music lovers across the world thanks to its wonderful mix of Western RnB sounds, Ghanaian root vibes and a hint of soulful jazz. It’s a song that will entice many new fans to hit the play button and Lady Jay has created something that has all the ingredients needed for a single to become a chart hit.

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