Psytrus – With You: Raw & Rhythmic Indie Art Rock

With you is just one of the intricate Soulful hit’s from Psytrus’ 2017 album T Shirt Kinda Guy. I had to pick my jaw up from the floor after hearing this dulcetly melancholic rendition that comprises of raw lyrics and poignant melody. As soon as the soundwaves hit me I was pulled in by the reminiscent to the iconic sound of The Verve. Yet, the Psytrus pertains his own angelic sensibility that creates his own unique pioneering sound. The whole album is packed with heart wrenching wonder that creates a wave of rhythmic empathy that washes over you. Psytrus’ experimental sound is heavily influenced by the Art Alt Rock that came out of the 90’s which he recreates with his psychedelically melodic guitar melodies. Once you listen to his track With You it’s clear that all of his music comes straight from the heart.

Malaysian Singer Songwriter Psytrus has been writing and producing his own music for almost a decade, aside from his own creations, he’s the cornerstone of the Malaysian Indie scene after creating his own record label Pulse Soundworks.

Check out With You on Spotify using the link below:

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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