Corliss Plug Releases Colorful Hip-Hop Track Ridin’

I’ve heard people describe auto tune as sounding chromatic, as if the sound of hard pitch corrections reveals some kind of audible colors hidden in the harmonic structure of the human voice. Corliss Plug knows just how to bring these colors out in more ways than one. With filtered synths and percussion blooming in and out, Ridin’ has to be one of the most colorful hip hop tracks in recent memory. This isn’t using effects as a crutch or replacement for substance. This is the proper use of an often underestimated tool set at the disposal of producers.

Ridin’ is resonant and fun. It blows by any chance of being called corny due to its timing and tight, modern beat sensibility. This track can have a major impact on a room from the first seconds through the outro. The transitions are atmospheric and the vocal samples thrown in vary from full duet verses to Michael Jackson-esque yelps. It’s always a pleasure to hear an artist who genuinely sounds like they love what they’re doing. It’s even better when they’ve made something for the listener to love as well. Corliss Plug delivers a strong hit with Ridin’.

-Paul Weyer

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