PiMO to release a selection of three re-worked classics

If you’ve ever heard any different definition on what being multi-talented is really all about without the name PiMO referenced therein, then you must have been lied to.

PiMO performs all the instruments, writes all the songs, produces, and keeps close eye on all the artwork designs and videos for his releases, allowing him complete creative control. On top of that all the music he releases is available through his own record company PiMO MUSIC. Now if this isn’t the pure definition of being multi-talented what else can suffice for it?

Without hoarding any form of apportioned interest, PiMO is one hell of an artist to look out for right now, It’s worth every seconds of your time trust me.

PiMO is an artist with a global following. Much thanks to works with Modfunk and Thrill Kill, with the latter boasting air time on the remade series 90210 and Modfunk having fans in the form of Daft Punk producer Busy P and DJ Mehdi.

This artist is all about giving back to his audience quality electronic and dance music with distinctive hooks and melodious vibe. This is quite evident when you breeze through his music channel on YouTube to check out some of his remixed works.

One thing that is strikingly amazing about PiMO’s work is this refreshingly awaken drive that pushes him to turn songs you might have heard before to a spanking brand new song.

He’s so very talented in recreating song to give them a new form that’s entirely different from their former style. The task of recreating a song from the ground up is an ambitious feat, and one he does not take lightly, aiming to contain similar melodic ideas and the important hooks to leave you yearning for more.

Just one more thing you need to do right now before you stomach an ill thought on this, ensure you click on those links below to listen to any of PiMO’s work.

Reworks: Calling Earth. By Your Side. Lion Heart.

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