Donegal’s Aaron Everything is so real on spooky Halloween track ‘Plastic Fright’ ft Blakkheart

Donegal’s Aaron Everything is so real on spooky Halloween track ‘Plastic Fright‘ ft Blakkheart and this is a new track to support as this is a great listen. Think quick-fire indie rap with a singer that will leave you gasping for air due to her amazing voice.

After being raised in the countryside, Aaron Everything is a peaceful producer/rapper who likes to mix up genres in his music. He is now 100% in the music game and has dedicated his world to making music that has an extra punch.

Blakkheart is a female music producer, engineer and vocalist based in Cork who has a vocal ability that sets the standard in 2020. Her voice is so smokey cool, like a tasty BBQ on a summers day.

Aaron Everything gets it right on Halloween track ‘Plastic Fright‘ ft the stunning talent of Blakkheart. With Gothreen on production, this is a track made by 3 of the best. This is all about how anxious the world is in modern times and how Halloween is a way out, even for one day. You can dress up and be silly and its okay. No one judges you and this is how things should be all the time. This is a perfect infusion on indie Rap with a whole bunch of soul. A fire track that has so much variety you will need to listen a few times to fully appreciate its skill level. A terrific new single that will get stuck in your head for ages.

Click here for the Spotify page to hear more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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