Prada Rose releases latest single OMW

Prada Rose has dropped his single ‘OMW’ this Hip-Hop and Rap infused piece, bringing in this infectious melody and fast pace vocals throughout.

Starting off with a quick flow as the beat starts to pulse through, having that in your face upbeat melody throughout, combining that with the mellow vocals, that pick up the pace as the beat gets louder and the Rap begins to take charge and brings this pure energy through the vocals and the overall rhythm.

How well the Rap is portrayed in this piece, is impressive and Prada really brings his talent of creating a real catchy track, tending to keep a lot of the elements fast pace, but still keeping it a level that you can hear each lyric word for word, the beat does tend to overpower the vocals in parts as the voice tends to fade out, but each element works well.

Check out Prada Rose OMW by heading on over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Karley Myall

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