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Not At This Rate: Ohio indie-pop band The Manatee Room wishes that they didn’t have that ‘Expensive Taste’

With a wandering eye that fantasises about that perfect time to make the move you undoubtedly crave, The Manatee Room hates that they are only interested in the rare ‘Expensive Taste‘.

The Manatee Room is a Columbus, Ohio-based indie-pop 3-piece band that makes that relevant music all about topics that we have all felt before in our lives. After being on an enforced hiatus since early 2020 due to this dreadful pandemic that has been lingering on for too long, they make a much-awaited return on their latest single.

The Manatee Room meshes angsty lyrics with addictive rhythmic melody.” ~ The Manatee Room

With a carefully crafted sound and insightful lyrics that have you feeling like you have perhaps missed the boat of romance, The Manatee Room brings us a single-person anthem that has you wondering if you will be able to connect wholeheartedly with someone who truly understands you authentically.

Expensive Taste‘ from the Columbus, Ohio-based indie-pop 3-piece band The Manatee Room, is that story about hoping that your special crushes notice you enough you pull in close and take your breath away. With so many closed doors and empty hearts around, this is the kind of song that will take you into an expectant place of brewing courtship. When you are into someone so much and the timing just seems off, the world can seem like a truly lonely place at times.

Hear this audio on YouTube and see more on the IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

You Want Me To Worship You: Lyon Amor Brave urges all the ladies to trust their intuition on ‘Myself First’

Bringing us a vividly intriguing video that is so compellingly honest, Lyon Amor Brave shows us a self-image and beauty standard track we all need to experience on ‘Myself First‘.

Lyon Amor Brave aka LAB, is a Columbus, Ohio-based indie singer-songwriter, University of Akron graduate, pianist, guitarist and writer.

Myself First” is about self empowerment and self improvement and trusting your own inner voice about the voices in society, the media, school, teachers, even religious voices who pretend to speak for God”. ~ Lyon Amor Brave

With a ravishing rap style, provoking lyrics and a vocalist who tells the truth, we are soaked into a hair-brushing video which shows you how much effort so many put into their looks. Fooled by the false influences on all the different medias who put on a show to lie to millions, this is exactly the opposite of what young and impressionable eyes need to see.

You feel her true intentions come to the fore on this courageous art work – as she leads us into the process which can take many, many hours – and can consume your mind from what is actually the most important thing. Being the real you.

I put on a wolf mask as a visual representative of body dysmorphia, which is something many women struggle with. Many see themselves as ugly duckling when they are in fact swans and this can cause eating disorders.” ~ Lyon Amor Brave

Myself First‘ from the Columbus, Ohio-based indie singer-songwriter and multi-talented musician Lyon Amor Brave, is an inspirational story from a young woman who is expressing herself to the fullest here. She has seen so many young ladies damaging themselves – after getting sucked too deep into the fake social media world – and altering things about them that they don’t need to do. Sung and rapped with a real tender and loving care, this is a totally authentic artist who does what she feels is right to assist others.

Loving yourself and being the best version of you, is the way to that true self-enlightenment after all.

See this new music video on YouTube and see more via her Twitter music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

We Had Good Times: Brave Country singer and 4x cancer survivor hero Ryan HamNer reminisces about that ‘Blank Stare Goodbye’

As he distinctly remembers the one September on that beautiful beach that lit his beating heart alive like fireworks, Ryan HamNer won’t ever forget the laughs and the wind blowing through her hair on his reflective new single called ‘Blank Stare Goodbye‘.

Ryan HamNer is an extremely courageous 4x cancer survivor and a soulful Columbus, Georgia-born indie Country singer-songwriter and esteemed author. He has a real story to tell that automatically makes your eyes water, as you feel his pain and totally admire his movie-like journey, to helping others who are facing the hard road he went down.

Growing up, Hamner underwent cancer treatment at ages 6, 9, 11, and 21. To cope, he focused on music, often recording his favorite songs off of the Weekly Top 40 to listen to on his Walkman during chemo sessions.” ~ Ryan HamNer

As he sings with such a sad tone about that day he wishes was real again, so he could see her close up and hear that cute laugh again, you feel the ever-lasting love to the one that got away. This is the remembrance anthem, that is important to deal with,  so that you may move into warmer waters again.

Other than recording music, Hamner also operates Bamba Box, a small gift box company that sends care packages to kids with cancer, foster kids, and other children going through hard times. Every Bamba Box recipient has a chance to win a virtual visit and concert with Ryan.” ~ Ryan HamNer

Blank Stare Goodbye‘ from the brave Columbus, Georgia-born Country artist and author Ryan HamNer, is a love lost story which he will remember forever. The moon was beautiful and he thought it would last forever, but sadly it didn’t. This is that moment you should put deep in your memory to move on – but is so hard to push away – as you wish that this time would happen again. Love certainly is cruel sometimes.

Hear this top new single on his Spotify and see more of his life via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Sell Your Soul: Dylan Koski shows massive frustration with the selfish on ‘Mother Superior’

With a groovy vibe and some supremely catchy riffs, Dylan Koski takes us on a real reflective ride that has your ears perked up in anticipation of a deeply significant moment of art named ‘Mother Superior‘.

Dylan Koski is a self-aware indie-rock artist from Columbus, Ohio. He smartly makes that relevant music which has you mind alert and ready for knowledge, as he puts us in a thoughtful trance with his purposeful music soundscape.

His songwriting draws influence from Rory Gallaghers fiery guitar solos, the atmosphere of Pink Floyd and the Beatles fearless approach to songwriting. with a modern twist.” ~ Dylan Koski

You feel his old school soul shine through as he performs with so much fierce intensity, as he sings with a strong mindset which gives you so much hope. This is the story about showing those who bring others down will not be tolerated – as he stands up to be counted in the fight to teach others – that you can indeed make a difference through music.

Mother Superior‘ from the well-respected Columbus, Ohio-based indie-rock artist Dylan Koski, shows us a man who has a tremendous fire in his belly to always speak the truth, no matter what. He sings with so much meaningful intent on this riveting track – that shakes the speakers and has your mind thinking of those who have no shame – in webbing their claws around those who only seek to live a good life.

Stream this new single on Spotify and see more visuals on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

A Million Chances: DiamondGrl is finally done with the pettiness of former lover who likes to ‘Play Games’

As she emphatically dusts off the bad vibes that have plagued her kind heart for a minute, DiamondGrl unequivocally moves on from the treacherous nature of her ex who wasted her time on ‘Play Games‘.

DiamondGrl is a soulfully aware and dynamic indie singer-songwriter, rapper and visual artist from Columbus, Ohio, who performs with a rare spark that fuses her fine music, into a fantastic mesh of mesmerizing soundscapes to remember vividly.

She has been singing since she was just three years old and is a multi-talented woman who blends in her life experiences — with what she sees around her each day — to give as a stunning experience that fits so sweetly into your eager soul.

With an honest tone that swarms ecstatically into your burgeoning mind with the authentic vinyl-type feel twisted coyly around, she reaches for the dreams that she desires above all else.

You feel her electric determination and the wonderful mixture between singing and rapping adds so much style, and only makes you marvel at her excellent talents more and more, as she fills you up tight with a true story that so many of us can relate to.

Play Games‘ from the confident world class Ohio talent DiamondGrl, shows us into the mind of a highly motivated-to-succeed woman, who is clearly scorned by her ex who let her down badly again and again. They had the chance to be with her forever, but they were selfish and acted like a child on a tv game.

This is a top class single, full of cleverly intricate beats and perfectly delivered vocals, that has your mood reflective and appreciative of such a genuine talent.

Stream this quality new single on Spotify and join her journey upwards on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

He Wants More: Ohio’s AØTheZealous realizes what the true story is on ‘Far From Love’

Taken off his four-piece EP called ‘Matters Of The Heart‘, AØTheZealous returns with the new track about wanting that real spark called ‘Far From Love‘.

Alexander Omen aka AØTheZealous, is a Columbus, Ohio-based fusion of soulful hip-hop and RnB, as he takes us on a ride to find the real meaning of love, that is way different from quick-click lust.

This is the weekend love kind of track, you want so much more but she keeps you on your toes and its stressing you out. You care for her so much and wish you two could be together forever, however something is telling you that this probably going to end soon.

You feel his beating heart through the track with his soothing vocals, as the truth is revealed and the lesson has been learnt for future use. His voice simmers in hot, and you sense that the candles will have to be lit another time.

Far From Love‘ from AØTheZealous, is the angelic story of meeting someone that takes your breath away, as you learn that perhaps this one isn’t going to work out and you have learnt something about yourself. Patience is the key and you will wait until you meet the right person that loves you wholeheartedly, whether it rains or shines outside.

Hear this sensual new single on Spotify and see the IG for more info.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Silky and hot beats combined with pain: Ohio’s fiercely indie emcee SilkyFway drops ‘Love Drug’ (prod. EGGACION)

Multi-talented Columbus, Ohio creative SilkyFway is a self-motivated certified audio engineer, graphic designer and emcee who is back with the Hip-Hop rolled ‘Love Drug’ (prod. EGGACION).

This is a man who decided to pick up the mic after a few of his childhood friends decided to opt out of music. He was the producer at the time but felt compelled to try out the other side of the studio. The bug bit like a hungry mosquito having a Thanksgiving feast and the rest as they say, is history.

The atmospheric start has an earthy feel to it and your hungry ears are soon pricked up to immerse this whole experience into the deepest part of your soul. His lyrical ability and ferociously clear smokey vocals blaze through to the speakers as we are sparked up to full breath.

Real feelings of love don’t fade ever and this is the story of that numb stage you feel when something happens with you and your special human. Things were strong but love faded and now you spend your time trying to mask the pain with the earth’s medicine. You will move on but right now you need time to heal up inside and this is the cloudy path that blankets you at the moment.

Love Drug’ (prod. EGGACION) is the tale of how love can twist you up into knots for a while from Ohio’s multi-skilled SilkyFway. He lights up a story that shows us that no matter how strong you are inside, sometimes you need time to heal up and replenish your heart in your own way.

Check out the YouTube video and see the fast-rising journey on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Campbell brings groovy music and snakes on ‘Dystopia Punk’

The cool happy-go-lucky Punk Rockers that your Mum would love to meet are back and Campbell send us back to the good times with their ‘Dystopia Punk‘.

Campbell is a bunch of talented musicians from Columbus in Ohio that make genuine music without taking themselves too seriously. They are heavily influenced by Pavement, Sonic Youth, Wilco, Refused, and Fishmans but maintain their own style throughout. This is such fun music that gets the party started.

Dystopia Punk‘ is a modern observation of the current state of the world, as it self-destructs and its inhabitants are pushed away. Self-recorded and self-mixed in the Campbell home studio shack, ‘Dystopia Punk‘ which is off of Campbell’s 2nd album, ‘Kokomo Danglies‘, is a soundtrack to put on as the world slowly burns. It is truly hard to wake up and not be like, “yo is this shit real life?” Everything is Crazy.

Campbell was founded in the summer of 2017 by Sean Gleeson and Colin Giacalone, initially intended as a recording project. They released their self-produced, self-titled debut record in June of 2018, with the intention of working with as many Columbus musicians as they could. Shortly after, they formed into a 5-piece band and have gained a following, known for their high energy and often erratic but fun live shows.

This is all about that fun out night out playing music with your buddies. Grabbing the irie and guitar, you seek to have a great evening and not think too far into the future. Life is short and we should all take heed of this message from Campbell’sDystopia Punk‘.

Click here for the YouTube link.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

L.A.Shawn’s vampire Rap style shreds the right notes with ‘’After Dark’’

Please don’t text me after dark, that’s when my thoughts come to life. You have been warned, L.A.Shawn likes to be in his zone after dark. This is the concept of the new single from the Columbus, United States rapper and it’s off his catchy ‘’The Villain Of The Opera’’ album from 2020. 

‘L.A.Shawn’ has an intriguing style and seems fed up with the flashy style of other cats in the game. He just wants to push out good music and talk about real issues in the world. 

With a few features and thousands of streams per song, he is well on the way to the top. This is clearly a hard-working Rapper who is putting many hours into his craft and not just pushing out minimally thought of music which is so often the norm in current Hip Hop releases. 

This is an Emcee with a big future. If he can stay focused and put out some more bangers with memorable music videos, ‘L.A.Shawn’ will be a huge name in the game. Just don’t text him after dark.

Catch more from this promising Emcee on his SoundCloud.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Prada Rose releases latest single OMW

Prada Rose has dropped his single ‘OMW’ this Hip-Hop and Rap infused piece, bringing in this infectious melody and fast pace vocals throughout.

Starting off with a quick flow as the beat starts to pulse through, having that in your face upbeat melody throughout, combining that with the mellow vocals, that pick up the pace as the beat gets louder and the Rap begins to take charge and brings this pure energy through the vocals and the overall rhythm.

How well the Rap is portrayed in this piece, is impressive and Prada really brings his talent of creating a real catchy track, tending to keep a lot of the elements fast pace, but still keeping it a level that you can hear each lyric word for word, the beat does tend to overpower the vocals in parts as the voice tends to fade out, but each element works well.

Check out Prada Rose OMW by heading on over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Karley Myall