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Try Your Luck: Fort Worth emcee Supah Sayin waits for the payout on Double Dutch

Dropped as the first single off the brand-new release called Neo-Lizard King, Supah Sayin makes it rain on a truly monumental undertaking with a piercing flow which will wake up the restless on Double Dutch.

Supah Sayin is a 25-year-old Fort Worth, United States-based psychedelic hip-hop artist who drops mentally awakening tracks to glide mightily inside.

Focusing on the subject matter of his music as well as the listening experience, his main goal is to provide an audio acid trip on every track.” ~ Supah Sayin

Displaying so much intent and never losing his patience despite the pesky haters, Supah Sayin sips on the weighty clutch and destroys the supposed competition with a tremendously influential performance to clear the mind. Avoiding the doubters and staying focused is the mission, of an underground artist who is only moving to self-enlightened climates.

Double Dutch from Fort Worth, United States-based psychedelic hip-hop artist Supah Sayin is a ravenous release about trying to move on from the bad energy which can drag many smart souls down. Revving up our emotions and moving through the sludge with so much bravery, we find a rocket-fueled thunderbolt of a track which will get many heads nodding.

Stimulate your senses on Spotify. See where the journey goes on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

L.A.Shawn’s vampire Rap style shreds the right notes with ‘’After Dark’’

Please don’t text me after dark, that’s when my thoughts come to life. You have been warned, L.A.Shawn likes to be in his zone after dark. This is the concept of the new single from the Columbus, United States rapper and it’s off his catchy ‘’The Villain Of The Opera’’ album from 2020. 

‘L.A.Shawn’ has an intriguing style and seems fed up with the flashy style of other cats in the game. He just wants to push out good music and talk about real issues in the world. 

With a few features and thousands of streams per song, he is well on the way to the top. This is clearly a hard-working Rapper who is putting many hours into his craft and not just pushing out minimally thought of music which is so often the norm in current Hip Hop releases. 

This is an Emcee with a big future. If he can stay focused and put out some more bangers with memorable music videos, ‘L.A.Shawn’ will be a huge name in the game. Just don’t text him after dark.

Catch more from this promising Emcee on his SoundCloud.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Ozzy the grouch has dropped Rap single ‘C Me’

Ozzy the grouch has dropped his latest single ‘C Me’ infusing Rap and Hip-Hop and combining them together to create this upbeat track.

Kicking off with an insanely infectious melody from artist Ozzy as the beat pushes through and the pace gets quicker. Having that steady flow between the rhythm and the vocals as the Rap comes in quick.

It’s one of them songs that will get stuck in your head, with the way the Rap continuously keeps that fast pace and collides alongside all of the elements that come with this track. As you can listen, you can clearly hear each word that is sung, even though sometimes the melody can tend to lead to distraction and take your attention from the actual Rap itself.

Check out Ozzy the grouch’s C Me by heading over to YouTube now.

Review by Karley Myall

CD97 releases I want to go outside: An rather intriguing piece solidly based on instrumentals

CD97 has dropped his latest piece ‘I want to go outside’ this track is based on sound and the combination of an array of sound effects and instrumentals.

Starting off with the distorted beat that has this overwhelming suspense about it as you listen, then adding in this high-pitched eerie chime that cuts through. Each element begins to pick up in terms of pace which gets faster and faster, adding in more energy and becoming more  upbeat as the suspense begins to build up.

Then adding in the sound of the trumpet as that original beat is still getting quicker having that more synthesized effect on the rhythm going into that repetitive tap on the drum whilst adding in the catchy melody from before.

With every piece of sound that was put into this piece, it gave it this anticipation like a big drop is about to happen, keeping you pulled in as you listen. But rather than that happening the use of instrument changes and took a different turn in terms of sound with the banging of the drum.

This piece was interesting to listen too, the way in which it builds up and the way it takes you by surprise just by the use of sound and how it can all come together to create a piece of music, without adding in the vocals is what proves just how incredible sound really is.

Listen to Cd97’s I want to go outside by heading on over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Karley Myall

Arson (Prod by Highmanways) by Faustoe: TripHop to make your jaw drop!

It’s not often you hear a distinctive, clean voice that you could recognise anywhere but Faustoe is just such a talent. His tone is reminiscent of a young Luda but the flow is faster, harder, and he is lyrically succinct in a way that West Coast rappers excel. The HipHop audience is sophisticated and can spot a perpetrator from a mile a way, but Faustoe keeps it one hundred, rides the track effortlessly and presents his life through his art with authentic and well timed verbosity.

The production by Highmanways is clean and flawless. His beats are not at odds with Faustoe but rather there is a symbiotic relationship that makes for a match made in heaven. The musical hook is cultivated in such a way that it almost feels like a religious chant – reverent, hypnotic, and respectful of its place in the story. Damn, these guys can build a track and the finished product is legendary. ‘Arson’ by Faustoe pushes the boundaries like all great music should and will establish this artist as someone deserving of a seat at the head of table.

Have a listen to ‘Arson’ by Faustoe (Prod: Highmanways) here, on Soundcloud. Enjoy.

Review by Susan Harriott

Swissalpz releases latest single Roll Up

Swissalpz releases infectious and upbeat single ‘Roll Up’ infusing that electronic style of music and creating some killer beats to go with it.

From the get go, it takes you on this journey through the use of sound effects and how combining them together in a short amount of time can create an insane piece. Having that suspense fill the air, as you wait for the breakdown to hit and the beat gets higher and more distorted, which it does in certain parts.

There are a lot of eerie sounds and some vocals that sound more robotic and autotuned to add to the melody that flows throughout. The rhythm gives of this heart-pumping feeling as each second is filled with these manic high-pitched melodies that just pulse through every element.

Considering it’s a shorter piece, what has gone into it is impressive each part combines with one and another perfectly and not one bit seems out of place, the use of effects gives it a different tone and it’s not all the same, it makes you feel good as you listen.

Listen to Swissalpz Roll Up by heading on over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Karley Myall

Prada Rose releases latest single OMW

Prada Rose has dropped his single ‘OMW’ this Hip-Hop and Rap infused piece, bringing in this infectious melody and fast pace vocals throughout.

Starting off with a quick flow as the beat starts to pulse through, having that in your face upbeat melody throughout, combining that with the mellow vocals, that pick up the pace as the beat gets louder and the Rap begins to take charge and brings this pure energy through the vocals and the overall rhythm.

How well the Rap is portrayed in this piece, is impressive and Prada really brings his talent of creating a real catchy track, tending to keep a lot of the elements fast pace, but still keeping it a level that you can hear each lyric word for word, the beat does tend to overpower the vocals in parts as the voice tends to fade out, but each element works well.

Check out Prada Rose OMW by heading on over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Karley Myall

XVT BOMBI releases catchy Hip-Hop and Rap single TRIP

XVT BOMBI has dropped his track ‘TRIP’ this Hip-Hop and Rap piece portrays this infectious beat and an excellent flow between the melody and the vocals.

Starting off with an eerie effect having a rather high-pitched shriek with it, then leading into the drum beat pulsing through, when the vocals begin to creep up. Having a rather flat tone to the vocals, keeping it fairly simple in terms of pace and texture, but it still goes hand in hand with all the other elements that go through this track.

Tending to distort the vocals by adding some synthesized style effects onto them, but making sure that the overall melody is cutting through everything as the vocals do tend to fall into the background as the rhythm tends to be louder than the voice itself. It does have a lot going on and many styles have been combined together for this one, but it all works and has created a super catchy track.

Listen to XVT BOMBI TRIP by heading on over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Karley Myall

LUV Cleo releases Good Night (prod. Guala Beatz x Paragon)

Hip-Hop and Rap combine together for single ‘Good Night’ by Rapper LUV Cleo, keeping that upbeat rhythm flowing through.

Intertwining that rather electronic style melody with the distorted voices and eerie high-pitched beats that combine with the in your face beat that pulses in and out of the overall track, keeping that full-on pure energy throughout each second.

With this one the pace is kept at a fairly slow one for a Rap, even though sometimes it does tend to speed up the overall flow is slowed down, you can hear every word clearly even though the beat does tend to drown out the actual vocals. The Rap itself is perfectly timed with everything else, it’s all kept at the right pitch and the way it all collides with each other is what makes this piece stand out,

If Rap is your thing then be sure to listen to Good Night, it’s got an insane beat that you won’t want to miss!

Listen to LUV Cleo Good Night by heading on over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Karley Myall

Beamersoulboy releases ‘Morals’ ft Suicide Rascal: A Filthy but Faithful recollection!

Beamersoulboy are well on the way to putting themselves on the map with their new release ‘Morals’ ft Suicide Rascal. With the energy of a ten tonne wrecking ball, this track smashes its way through the more coy versions of insult rap and places itself right at the front of the crowd to be noticed. Shamar Williams of Dayton, US, is the mastermind behind Hip-Hop collective, Beamersoulboy.

His artistry is well rounded and confident, and bolstered by indulgent production and mastering.  The lyrics on ‘Morals’ are flagrantly audacious and all the better for it. Beamerboysoul comes across as barefaced and charming all at the same time, just like the boy you shouldn’t take home to meet your mother.  The track has just the right chemical mixture of charisma, bewitchery, innovation and insolence to make even the most buttoned-up chaste blush!

Beamersoulboy are positioning themselves as the epicenter of Hip-Hop with their latest release, ‘Morals’. This is going to be year of discovering new music and I have no doubt that Beamersoulboy will be on the tip of everyones tongue before long.

Listen to ‘Morals’ ft Suicide Rascal by Beamersoulboy on Soundcloud. Let us know what you think.

Review by Susan Harriott