Pluto Tideswell wants to run away from that sticky big city smog on new single ‘The Walker’

As he reveals to us his burgeoning creative mind that has sent us a track to truly embrace, Pluto Tideswell eloquently describes those hard roads can do to a tired soul on the tendon-heating new release all about ‘The Walker‘.

David Nigro aka Pluto Tideswell is an Italian electronic artist and music producer who started his career as a keyboardist in the prog/rock band, New Seed.

His influences vary from pop to metal, as well as from techno to classical for his most commercial works. Always searching for new sounds Pluto is not afraid of pushing the boundaries of music genres and to explore his own passion in sound designing.” ~ Pluto Tideswell

Showing us the inner working of a mind that has been fed up with that stifling pollution for way too long, Pluto Tideswell puts on his running shoes and gets to where he needs to be, even if the enjoyment factor is very low right now. With a vibe-filled beat that is totally different to most tracks that you will hear this year, this is an authentic piece of work that needs to be applauded for its complete originality.

This collection of songs means a lot to me I think 4 years in the making from the first concept of the first song until now.
Covid helped to postpone everything.” ~ Pluto Tideswell

The Walker‘ from the Germany-based indie electronic and music producer Pluto Tideswell, is a single all about watching those birds chirping – as he rushes to get to work – in this overly stimulated world that spends way too much time looking down, instead of appreciating nature for its healing beauty. Sung with a knowing glance at a time that is so stressful, this is a relevant single that will surely resonate with anyone who has had to put their shoes on way too quickly, just to make sure that the bank balance was full enough to survive.

Listen in to this new single on Spotify and check out his movements via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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