Rocking through lockdown: Echo Strike show continued growth on the exciting ‘Catch Me’

Rocking through lockdown: Echo Strike show continued growth on the exciting ‘Catch Me‘ and this is a dance-pop journey that takes us into the mind of a paranoid lover.

After being stranded in Argentina at the beginning of the world lockdown, this has allowed the fine band to mesh together and put together new music. The results scream a hat-trick that Maradona would be proud of. This is a band that are clearly close and their mix of sonic indie rock pop speaks volumes for all the hours they put in when live shows got cancelled.

Taken off the new full album called ‘Not Inside Your Mind‘, this is the first and best track off the new release. The beat gets you ready and the vocals are different, so catchy- with added flavor to keeps us satisfied. You feel really thoughtful on this song and think of current or previous relationships and how they make you feel.

You care about them so much but feel like you have done something wrong at home and don’t want to go back right now. You are thinking that perhaps you should let things cool down and then go back to see what has happened.

Catch Me‘ is such a fun listen and is full of ebbs and flows that always feel right. The electro style satisfies when you turn it up and this is a track to be enjoyed all day. With a promising sound and an attitude that you just can’t help but like, this is a band that are on the right road for global interest.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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