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The Time Is Now: Melbourne’s RnB underground gem Maya Rose stands up for the ladies on ‘Mind The Gap’

Unleashing the first track from her upcoming project which has been made despite the challenges around this horrible pandemic, Maya Rose is at her glorious best on the new single all about telling the boys that she has had enough on ‘Mind The Gap‘.

Maya Rose is a scintillating Melbourne, Australia-based indie RnB/soul singer-songwriter and keyboardist, who has decided to step up to the plate and hit a home run on all those small-minded men who don’t support women in the local music business.

‘‘The song is about the gender gap, and female empowerment. It’s also about my experience of being a woman in the music industry. Many times I’ve felt I wasn’t being listened to or taken seriously as a woman, and couldn’t speak my mind. I’ve been excluded and unsupported in the industry by ‘boys clubs’. It’s time that we not only talk about the disadvantages women face every day in our community; it is important to express the issues creatively. I want to hear more messages of female empowerment in the music we consume. I’m releasing ‘Mind the Gap’, because “we’re still not equal yet.”’ Maya Rose

After building on this track for a few years but never finding the right producer who shared her vision, Julian Steel came into the mix at the perfect time, and helped make this a special treat for all listeners.

Sung with a supremely soulful energy which shows her clear frustration, Maya is able to elegantly explain what is on her mind with such incredibly beautiful vocals and smartly-penned lyrics. You feel annoyed on her behalf that in 2021 this is still happening, as you hope that one day soon things will be truly fair for all. Just the way it should be.

Mind The Gap‘ from the inspiring Australian RnB solo artist Maya Rose, is one of those heartfelt anthems that is made with that rare love that is so truthful. She has experienced that the gap that is way too wide between men and women in this fickle industry, with so many double standards which need to be vanquished forever. The time is now.

Hear this dazzling song all about demanding change for the good of the world on Spotify and see more stories on her IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Set You Free: Christian Prior amazes our ears on spacey new single ‘Why Should I Care?’

With a reflective glance up to see this massive planet in its full glory, Christian Prior wonders about the magnitude of everything around us with this superb music video for his latest track which has recently got some well-deserved BBC Introducing love called ‘Why Should I Care?‘.

Christian Prior is a London, England-based indie jazz solo singer-songwriter, keyboardist, writer and music producer, who was born in a small town in the North. He has a vivid imagination which is always looking at what is possible, as he expresses himself through a wonderful array of dazzling music creations, which are certainly satisfyingly progressive.

Christian’s music brings together his love for jazz, rock, classical music, electronica, as well as traditional music from across the globe.” ~ Christian Prior

You sense that he is always looking for something new to bring into his music as he strays away from the boring norm, as a blend of contemplative thoughts come crashing into your fragile mind during this exciting new single. Each second feels like it is truly special and the old school video only adds to the nostalgic effect of imagination, which we all have hidden somewhere inside us.

Christian grew up in a tiny, remote village on the beautifully bleak moors of the North of England. Without much to do and nowhere to go, music became his companion and escape. His days became filled with it: writing songs, playing piano, singing, and listening to as much music as he could.” ~ Christian Prior

Why Should I Care?‘ by the London-based indie jazz artist Christian Prior, is a stunning track that has you thinking about everything around us. Made with a deep look up to our whole world which in turn has your mind alive with the power and possibilities we have in our fingertips, this is a song to feel inspired by. With vocals that has you feeling that you can indeed achieve something special if you put your mind in the right process, you might feel a different perspective after viewing this music video experience.

See this planet gazing new music video on YouTube and see more on his IG channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Addictive Kisses: Manchester’s radiant indie-pop artist Minerva Daisy wants to get out of feeling trapped on ‘Substitute’

As she vividly tells us the tumultuous story about feeling so overwhelmed from a highly seductive but ultimately soul-destroying love, Minerva Daisy is absolutely brilliant on her new single called ‘Substitute‘.

Minerva Daisy is a spellbinding Manchester, UK-based indie-pop singer-songwriter and keyboardist, who has a wildly special voice and makes the type of music that has your attention on her closely, as she eagerly swirls your heartbeat into a spin with her stunning tone.

As we take a sip from the story about how being with someone that has cleverly wrapped their powerful fingers around you to keep you in – while you try and get out quickly but are trapped inside by a supremely manipulative person – who has you exactly where they want you.

She sweetly sings with such heart and determination, with her lyrics written so well and with that extra class that separates her from the rest. On an vibrant beat that suits her voice perfectly, this is an excellent song that so many will relate to as we remember those times we loved the kisses so much – but ultimately they were tainted with poison – that seeped like evil fluid into our kind veins, to freeze us like a statue while we are still awake.

Substitute‘ from Manchester’s dazzling indie-pop artist Minerva Daisy, is a catchy song and truthful track that has you thinking deeply about who you lend your heart to, as it can be dangerous if the wrong person has control.

Hear this top quality single from the classy wine lover on her Spotify and support her journey on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen