NOVALA – Crimson Throne: Rhythmically Arrestive Afrobeats Fused with Funk

If you’ve forgotten just how arrestive masterfully composed Funk can be, hitting play on NOVALA’s single “Crimson Throne” will serve as a stark reminder.

The 10 piece Funk/Afrobeat may grab a few influences from the past to steep their sound in fluid familiarity, but there’s no denying that Crimson Throne along with their other singles “Myth” and “How it is” have a place on contemporary airwaves.

While Crimson Throne may kick off with fairly archetypal organically textured progressions, the single seamlessly evolves into a high-energy offering of cinematically frenzied Funk laced with Jazz and Swing. Crimson Throne may just be one of the most rhythmically captivating tracks I’ve heard this year.

And there’s plenty more to come from NOVALA, as they will be releasing the remaining tracks of their EP “Chapter 2” on October 11th, and for those lucky enough to find themselves near Santa Monica, they’ll be performing tracks from the EP at Harvelle’s on the same evening. I can only imagine how much euphoria will be floating from that stage.

You can check out Crimson Throne for yourselves by heading over to YouTube now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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