Not Looking Back: Brooklyn rapper Lil Dame sends respect to his real friends as he moves forward with ‘The Dream’

As he broadly opens up his mind to the things that really matter in life, that is far away from the pettiness he sees each day on the harsh streets, Lil Dame projects his energies towards ‘The Dream’.

Lil Dame is a conscious Nigerian-American rapper who is from the legendary streets of Queens, New York City. He forges a quality sound together as one, that flows into your heart confidently, however with only humble intentions that is born from hard work.

This is the important message of living for what is right and never forgetting the people that helped you get places, whilst doing it in a genuine way. He raps with such meaning — his mind is in-tune to what he needs to do — as he breezes past the negative fields, that can hold you in and bury you in a hole downwards, that you will battle to get out of.

The Dream‘ from Queens emcee Lil Dame, shows us into his mind as he has thrown away the futile memories of the past and is only interested in packaging the future, with the real crew who have supported him through thick and thin. Onward and upwards is the thing that he is focusing on and this is a terrific mindset to hold onto.

When you have those big dreams, anything is possible if you believe in yourself enough and put in the hard yards when others are sleeping.

Stream this real new track on Soundcloud and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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