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Surfing The Stratosphere: Queens, NY-based Elevated Focusion breathtakingly boosts our mindsets forever on brilliant interview

Watching from below and moving on from Jonny Rythmns and keeping it rather experimental all the way, Elevated Focusion flows into our lives and illuminates a ray of hope for us all. We find out more in an exclusive interview that can’t be ignored with streetwear added in to make things extra intriguing.

Llewelyn: We appreciate you joining us Elevated Focusion. Firstly, we love your artist name. Where did it come from and what is the story behind it?

Elevated Focusion: Elevated Focusion is the moment where an idea and the execution come together. Counter culture. not being complacent. trying to break the mold. going against the grain

Llewelyn: Please tell us more about your debut album and release of the clothing line?

Elevated Focusion: The self-titled debut album is a genre-bending album in June 2023 that will combine his love for New York culture and all genres of music. It’s a mixed bag from of all my musical and cultural influences as well as life experiences.

Growing up in New York in the 90s, I was a huge fan of the creativity in the graffiti characters in NYC street fashion. The body art in 80s/90s horror always captivated me as well. In addition, I grew up watching trippy cartoons like The Ren & Stimpy Show and Duckman. I love science fiction, and tatoo art always fascinated me. With the Elevated Focusion clothing line, I really wanted to take all of my childhood influences and combine them with the creativity of NYC graffiti and streetwear fashion.

Llewelyn: Jonny Rythmns. That was your artist name before. Please detail the change and what made you rebrand?

Elevated Focusion: I used the name Jonny Rythmns when I made instrumental music on my synthesizer keyboard. All of this music was created during 2001-2004. It is 100% instrumental music made up of hip-hop beats, music for video games, trippy music, concept albums, new age music, experimental music, sci-fi soundtrack, and space music.

In 2022, during quarantine, I decided to release all my old music under the name Jonny Rythmns. The first Jonny Rythmns’ release was my most experimental album called Elevated Focusion.

I chose Elevated Focusion to be my name going forward as it represents who I want to be as an artist, whether in experimental electronic music or as a streetwear clothing brand. My goal with the Elevated Focusion brand is to unite my love for all different genres and art styles through eclectic music and alternative fashion in collaboration with various artists.

Llewelyn: Is there a particular series you’d like to be in or perhaps a movie franchise?

Elevated Focusion: I would love to make music for any kind of movie or TV. But I personally love Horror, Drama, and Sci Fi.

Llewelyn: Experimental electronic music is your game. Why do you love it so much and how did you get into it? Was it through a live show or just exploring different genres?

Elevated Focusion: I really do love every genre of music and I like to make people dance. I’m also a bit of a weirdo. Experimental electronic music just called to me I guess.

Llewelyn: How would you describe your music to someone who’d just arrived from another galaxy?

Elevated Focusion: The Elevated Focusion album is a soundtrack to my life. It is everything I have felt emotionally and experienced physically. It is my life. It is my mind. And it is New York as seen through my eyes.

Llewelyn: Queens, NY. What’s it like there? Some really famous artists are from your home town. Is the music culture alive and kicking like you want it to be?

Elevated Focusion: Queens is the most culturally diverse place in the world. From people to sounds to food and beyond. There is also a mix of darkness, danger, and depression which has heavily influenced my lyrics on the album.

Llewelyn: Lastly, who do you make music for and who inspires you every day?

Elevated Focusion: This is a passion project for me so I make music in whatever way I feel inspired. A lot of love goes into every song. I created this project to reach open-minded people who are looking for something different.

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I Slide: Queens rapper ptmWOK cruises away from those tapped lines on ZOOM

With dope production, illuminating visuals and a massively likeable flow, ptmWOK is in no mood to get caught up in easily avoidable moments which could end the good times forever on his latest video, ZOOM.

ptmWOK is a Queens, New York-based indie Latin-American rapper who has the cool smokey style which puts hairs up on the back of many spines and shows us what the underground sounds like right now.

Teaching the youth how to rap with a decompressed but effective technique, ptmWOK drops the mic of anyone who is doubting. Sending our minds into a flurry of emotions, we find a real emcee who is only improving his craft and straying far from flimsy click-bait fads. This is adult rap to look introspectively into you see.

ZOOM from Queens, New York-based indie Latin-American rapper ptmWOK is a supremely confident song to delve deeper into the mindset of a real visionary. Avoiding the lame wackness which is sadly in abundance and straying away from the common songs which will never be timeless, this is a reminder that proper lyricism is alive and well.

If you love underground hip-hop with significance, turn it up and forget the rest.

Check out this Flushing Meadows-shot video on YouTube.

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Nice and Juicy: FLIPPIN’ GOTHIC FABP munches on that appetising fruit with, HOW I EAT A MANGO

Taking another bite and loving each second no matter who is watching, FLIPPIN’ GOTHIC FABP knows that its definitely time to taste each fibre of one of the most mouthwatering treats in the entire world on the hugely enjoyable lesson for us all on how to appreciate a treat, HOW I EAT A MANGO.

FLIPPIN’ GOTHIC FABP (formally known as Fabp aka Fabpz the Freelancer) is a Jamaica Queens, New York-based hip-hop artist who loves his tracks laced by the crew at X-Calade Promotionz.

Sizzling with intent and educating us all about what is possible if enough care and precision are projected, FLIPPIN’ GOTHIC FABP will entertain many with this raw track to turn up rather loud.

HOW I EAT A MANGO from Jamaica Queens, New York-based hip-hop creative FLIPPIN’ GOTHIC FABP is an underground lesson on how to relish something so scrumptious, lives are changed from the first bite. Made with true fondness and dropping fire for us to lacerate into, this is the kind of single to play loud and with lips licking in anticipation.

Just let him eat in peace.

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Trying To Be Successful: Flippin’ Gothic Fabp wonders what is going on with his DIRTY DIRT ROAD

With over 2000 songs in his arsenal and with no signs of slowing down, Flippin’ Gothic Fabp tries to get that paper but feels like his GPS is currently bugging out on DIRTY DIRT ROAD.

Flippin’ Gothic Fabp is a prolific Jamaica Queens, New York-based indie hip hop artist who was formally known as Fabp aka Fabpz the Freelancer.

Produced by X-Calade Promotionz, Flippin’ Gothic Fabp raps with underground authority which will stun some and get those streets buzzing again.

On the park bench with plenty to say, this is the kind of raw wonder the world needs more of. He spits the truth about his struggles so far while trying to disregard the small-minded fools who don’t know his journey.

DIRTY DIRT ROAD from Jamaica Queens, New York-based indie hip hop artist Flippin’ Gothic Fabp is a track many will appreciate for its true life outlook. Unpretentious all the way through and never veering from the path, this is a rather unique exertion for those who love seeing what is really going on outside.

Check out the YouTube video. See more on IG.

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Someone Else: CREDLE knows he put himself in this wind-swept Storm

Fighting through the depression and wishing for peaceful days with an ideal lover, CREDLE hopes for better days away from the current loneliness on the remarkably striking single Storm.

CREDLE is a South Jamaica, Queens in New York City-based indie hip hop artist who is reppin’ Credle Entertainment and breathes fire on the mic.

After 7 years of production on his much-awaited debut album Tales of the Sad & Lonely, CREDLE is rather impressive on this vocally stunning song about missing someone so special. Layered in so much smoothness and total honesty, this is a terrific anthem for anyone who needs some comfort, rather quickly.

Storm from New York City-based indie hip hop artist CREDLE is a memorable soundtrack for many who reminisce about a moment that permeates the mind like it was yesterday. Sung with a magnificence blend of emotional excellence, this is surely a soundtrack that will furnish our hearts with so much reflective true love to cherish forever.

Listen up to this new track on YouTube and see more news on his IG.

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Queens alternative artist Blazrdog packs more than a bite on OH

After two years of hard work and many late nights on the debut 8-track lyrically aware release, why not?, Blazrdog shows us why this was the lead single as the speakers are opened up like it was holiday time on OH.

Blazrdog is a Queens, New York-based indie alternative rock duo who love that old school sound of the late 90s post grunge era.

This could be the gimme-a-chance motto, which millions use as an anthem forever when you need some sleep after giving it your all. Blazrdog shows us that fortress which needs armour right now before all tumbles down like a deck of cards.

OH from Queens, New York-based indie alternative rock duo Blazrdog is the soundtrack to our new world and barks rather loudly here. The catchy beat stampedes though and shall take you on a whole new planet as the true rawness, drenched in honest passion, to send a ray of light out.

The point of all this you say? To help us all see better, of course.

Listen up sharp on this storming vibration inside Spotify and get involved via the IG.

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New York City’s LOUD MONSTA show us inside the wild story that is, ‘Gotham City’ (feat. SIN HG)

Smashing through the noise and leading us into a new music video that is loaded with inventiveness, LOUD MONSTA returns with a brand new music video to awaken our imagination with, ‘Gotham City‘ (feat. SIN HG).

LOUD MONSTA is a New York City, USA-based indie Hip hop group that raps with authority and is always looking to keep things strictly underground.

We are new to the Industry but the production house we represent is steeped in hip hop, dance, latin, and spiritual with innovative lyrics and vivid wordplay; layered with incredible beats.” ~ LOUD MONSTA

Dropping a video filled with heavy bars and steaming with innovative juices, LOUD MONSTA bellows through our speakers with a hardcore single packed with superhero themes made with a true shoutout to a movie franchise that continues to entertain fans all over the world.

Gotham City‘ (feat. SIN HG) from Queens, New York City-based indie Hip hop group LOUD MONSTA is a superhero-filled music video that shows us a story that so many love. Batman-packed and with lots of witty lyrics and a flow that takes you inside this movie, this is a top display by an outfit that hasn’t even reached the peak of its powers yet. With lots of imagination brewing from this new single that will have you morphed into this compelling story, this is a single for fans of one of the world’s favourite crime-destroying heroes.

See this new music video on YouTube and see more on the IG music page.

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In My Zone: Keylo Jsr is the triple threat on the money-maker ‘Zon3’

He wishes that she was right next to him right now but knows that the trust is there so they can kiss through the phone, as the rejuvenated Keylo Jsr gets into the right mindset to make that ‘Zon3‘.

Keylo Jsr is a driven indie rapper based in Greenville, South Carolina. The Queens, New York-born artist makes that enlightened music as he was behind bars for over five years, so had plenty of time to work out what he wanted from life. Long-term success is what he is after – as he drops proven bars that slam down with much-appeal – to have you inspired by his true redemption story.

This is the type of track that is rapped confidently with so much certain conviction, as he has your ears locked into to a destination of peace and ever-lasting comfort that so many fail to see with their small-minded minds.

He knows that she believes in him and vice-versa, his mind is relaxed and their love is so real. This is the message of putting faith into those caring eyes that are interwoven so naturally, no matter how far your beating hearts are from each other.

Zon3‘ from the highly motivated and excuse-less South Carolina RnB/hip-hop artist Keylo Jsr, is a riveting display from an artist on a mission to let his girl know, that he is there for her no matter what. He refuses to let the distance get to him – as he flows with such a skilled ambiance – which has you overwhelmed at times by his smooth quality.

This is that get-into-the-vibe music which shows us a skilled emcee who has only used his past failures to enhance his life, not the opposite. Music heals all wounds after all.

Stream this single on Spotify and check out more visuals on his IG music page.

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Flying High: Queens-based Mirai Tomli takes us to a better place on ‘When We Land’

When we land by Mirai Tomli

Formally of the three-piece group called Nappy Hair, Mirai Tomli rolls into the solo lane ready to cruise smoothly with his latest track called ‘When We Land‘.

Mirai Tomli (formally known as Bosqo), is a Queens, New York City-based neo-soul/RnB/modern blues/music producer/guitarist, and multi-layered entrepreneur.

He shows love to the rest of world to help those who want it most to gain important skills, as his music Entrepreneur Skills Scroll, helps others to gain the knowledge needed to build up that important passive income. He is also involved in Charity:water – which helps provide clean water around the world – and also has a clothing line called Just Function.

This project came from a very secure place in my psyche. I’m trying to create a peaceful learning environment so my music comes in many emotions so I named it Emoji Reels.” – Mirai Tomli

His raw voice shines through the clouds to give you a satisfied smile – as your head nods gently to groove with him – through this peacefully beautiful track. The lights are bright and your imagination comes alive through his passionate vocals and loving lyrics. You just know that his heartfelt music is coming from the right place, as it is made with the best intentions.

When We Land‘ from the quality Queens artist Mirai Tomli, leads us into a place that gives you hope again as the sun starts to rise. This is that first kiss song that has you thinking that when you are together – the madness of the world goes away – whilst you kiss passionately and lock hands as one.

Hear this atmospheric new track on Bandcamp and see more on IG.

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Double It Up: avi abrams, V Wescott and Marcus stay on point with the winners anthem ‘Living It Up’

Released off the recent well-received eight-track album called ‘A Night Out‘, avi abrams, V Wescott and Marcus rev up the engine hard and head quickly to the top of the clouds above in style with ‘Living It Up‘.

avi abrams, V Wescott and Marcus storm into our lives New York City-style, with a barrage of thumping-down-the door beats that wakes you up real fast, which are also packed full Christmas-stocking-stretched with some confident bars that catches your attention.

Avi Abrams has been producing music for over ten years, channeling both popular and alternative inspirations.” – avi abrams

As a Queens native, Wescott’s sound is certainly a product of his surroundings, but his home is on the stage.” – V Wescott

New Jersey birthed an artist with a keen sense of empathy, felt through his melodic intention. Marcus holds no bars when it comes to his work.” – Marcus

This is the story of smartly brushing away the doubts with a cheeky brush, as you know you need to lose some former friends along the way too. When you start winning – you should always be careful of those who don’t clap for you – as they instead greedily try work out how to bring you down, instead of joining you in the major leagues.

Living It Up‘ from New York artists avi abrams, V Wescott and Marcus, is a bass-heavy statement of intent. They make it known that they are tired of closed-minded fools bringing them down, as they reach for the top and are only taking the self-aware with them. This is an anthem to play when you need motivation to never give up – as your dreams are out there – if you are willing to put the work in.

Stream this hot track via Spotify and check out avi’s IG for more.

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