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Bring It: Atlanta-based multi-creative Weku Did That is in peak form with ‘Blood Moon’

Featuring a dazzling beat that elevates you up and has you automatically accelerating on whatever floor is in front of you, Weku Did That positively conveys his illuminating broadcast on his latest instrumental-boost-mood single that has you howling at the ‘Blood Moon‘.

Weku Did That is an Atlanta, Georgia-based Nigerian-American record producer, RnB/hip-hop musician, film and music production expert and songwriter, who is on the rise due to his mysterious style and marvellously-made music creations.

He has garnered national attention by the mystique in the use of his signature full-face mask and he is being credited as the front runner for production in the budding genre of music that he has coined as Trap Rock.” ~ Weku Did That

Atlanta’s Weku Did That fires through hot with a sensual gem via his 9-track ‘Trap Rock‘ release. There is a booming amount of passion-filled activity foaming in this fine record, that has your head drifting around like you are back in the zone again.

Blood Moon‘ from the multi-skilled Atlanta, Georgia-based Nigerian-American record producer, RnB/hip-hop artist and film/production professional Weku Did That, shows us a man on a mission for that world domination. With his name on the lips of so many right now as his bass-thumping production has the masses jumping up and down in unadulterated excitement, there is much to love about a party track like this. Bring on summer.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Let Me Be Your Guide: Zero-B1 connects perfectly and the feelings flow beautifully on ‘You Don’t Know’

Featuring lovely vocals that sumptuously has you feeling so calm and loved, Zero-B1 is back with his new single all about friends getting close after so much flirting, that will have your heart so happy on ‘You Don’t Know‘.

Zero-B1 is a skilled British-Nigerian RnB, jazz and soulful music producer, singer-songwriter, music arranger and lawyer-by-day. With a crisp rhythm attached so naturally in tune, he makes that genuine-feel music that just wraps you up tastefully and doesn’t let you ever be sad.

The song tells the all-too-relatable story of two close friends developing feelings, navigating their fears, and finally taking the plunge into the unknown to admit their feelings and give things a go together.” – Zero-B1

With buried treasures awaiting and lots of hand holding, this is such a sweetly pictured story that is full of innocent vocals and catchy beats – that makes you think that it is actually possible – to fall in love with a close friend. The time for concealing is over, as the door opens and you can’t help but gaze lustfully into each others eyes, with such a huge smile on your grinning faces.

You Don’t Know‘ from the top notch British-Nigerian singer/producer Zero-B1, shows us the story of two humans that have felt the spark and things heat up, without them realizing it at first. The heart wants what the heart wants, as the story of love has us all smiling in admiration, of this sweet story that fills you up with hope.

Hear this terrific new single on Spotify and see more via his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Full Of Emotion: IBK rains down with deep-rooted poetic single ‘These Tears’

As he writes the stories down to help him drift away from the blustery wind that has blown him away from the right road of life, IBK brings us the very reflective new single all about ‘These Tears‘.

Ibukun Araoye aka IBK, is a highly motivated Nigerian indie electronic/hip-hop musician/poet, musicology minor degree graduate and producer, who lathers in his love for music from when he was very little, to his passion of having his music played all over the world now, to inspire others through their troubles.

”A medical doctor by training – with a neuroscience background -, I truly believe in the power of music as medicine”. – IBK

He sings and speaks with such grace and compassion, as he has seen what music can do to those who need it most. His message is one of peace and understanding, in a world that needs more common sense as other issues have made so many forget about those who need help right now.

These Tears‘ from Nigerian producer/musician/poet IBK, is that smartly constructed single that has so much layers that you sink your mind inside like taking a warm bubble bath, the feeling is so comforting that you never want to get out. This is the type of music to heal with, so that you may become stronger and wash away all that fear and self-doubt that consumes you down into the dumps of no return. Visualizing what you need to do, is the only way to succeed in this complex world.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Not Looking Back: Brooklyn rapper Lil Dame sends respect to his real friends as he moves forward with ‘The Dream’

As he broadly opens up his mind to the things that really matter in life, that is far away from the pettiness he sees each day on the harsh streets, Lil Dame projects his energies towards ‘The Dream’.

Lil Dame is a conscious Nigerian-American rapper who is from the legendary streets of Queens, New York City. He forges a quality sound together as one, that flows into your heart confidently, however with only humble intentions that is born from hard work.

This is the important message of living for what is right and never forgetting the people that helped you get places, whilst doing it in a genuine way. He raps with such meaning — his mind is in-tune to what he needs to do — as he breezes past the negative fields, that can hold you in and bury you in a hole downwards, that you will battle to get out of.

The Dream‘ from Queens emcee Lil Dame, shows us into his mind as he has thrown away the futile memories of the past and is only interested in packaging the future, with the real crew who have supported him through thick and thin. Onward and upwards is the thing that he is focusing on and this is a terrific mindset to hold onto.

When you have those big dreams, anything is possible if you believe in yourself enough and put in the hard yards when others are sleeping.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Put It On Me: Emezzy has us all blushing on ‘Body’ (ft. Michael I-Zayah and Shaleowill)

Taken off the latest two-track EP called ‘AQUARIUS‘, Emezzy returns with the supremely sensual new single all about seeing that special one you can’t resist for another moment called ‘Body(ft. Michael I-Zayah and Shaleowill).

Nnaemeka Keke aka Emezzy is a top shelf Nigerian/American rapper and singer, who carefully combines his music skills to make soundscapes that has you dancing and turning up the volume, all night long.

The busty beat has a party sound to it, as the smooth vocals flow into your eager mind as the descriptive lyrics tell you exactly what the plan of action is for the evening. You feel the love energy around you real close, as the attraction starts to get more intense, their bodies are locked in together and the night is only just getting started.

Body‘ (ft. Michael I-Zayah and Shaleowill) from the Nigerian/American rapper/singer, leads us into a story of attraction, as you want to be with them so badly — as the glint of the eye leads you in — to see if there is indeed a connection.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Eyes Put a Spell: Branndon flows in the love time machine when he is with ‘Tiana’

Whilst he feels like he is definitely catching feelings when he is around her, Branndon tries to keep it cool on his catchy new single about a special woman in his life called ‘Tiana‘.

Branndon Onyemem aka Branndon is a lyrically skilled Nigerian/American hip-hop artist/singer-songwriter born in Greensboro, North Carolina, who brings the funky grooves with him on a vibe that has you nodding your head in appreciation of his growing skill set.

“I use my art to connect to my fans, portray themes, and uses words to paint pictures for my listeners. My music takes lots of influence from my poetry, including my Spoken Word poetry which I post on my Instagram for my followers to enjoy.”- Branndon

He raps with consistent skills, each word seems to flow with the next and his quality wordsmith skills are quite impressive. The lyrics are all about his huge crush on this sweet girl, that he can’t seem to stop thinking about.

Tiana‘ from Nigerian-American rapper/singer Branndon, shows us his love for fusing his love for blues, funk, hip hop, soul and boom-bap all into one pot of tasty goodness, as he is put under a spell from a girl who has his heart beating rather quickly.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Feeling so good: Tee Official tells us about his journey to being ‘King of the Hill’

With confidence in droves and with a riveting rap delivery, Tee Official shows us up the mountain to where he’s at on ‘King of the Hill‘.

Nigerian/UK emcee Tee Official is an emerging Peckham-born, Thamesmead-raised, South London-based hip-hop artist, who makes that impressively raw British street-hop that is has you listening intently all the way through.

This is the story of feeling like assured, as things are going well right now and you need to be more respected in the game. The fly ladies are noticing your style which could get you into trouble one of these days, but for now the crew is tight and the night is very young.

He raps with that inner conviction that everything is going to work out, as the lights up the mic to shred some seriously impressive bars over a catchy beat, that has your head nodding for hours.

King of the Hill‘ from the hungry South London rapper Tee Official, is that bouncy street track to play at the house party, or for when you are out with the crew looking for snacks to devour later on. He raps with that impressive flow that is sure to have you playing his music for days and imagining him playing live at a massive festival, to fully get a true sense of his artistic quality.

Hear this hot track here on Spotify and see his stylish ways on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Lots of love and soul: Tomboxe drops debut album ‘Does the Andrien’

New singer-songwriter Tomboxe sings with such love and meaning via his debut nine track full album called ‘Does the Andrien‘.

Tomboxe is a British-Nigerian musician who is so honest on this release as love for yourself, fear or love, love for the world and feeling lost in love sometimes, are all covered here. This is a man who is totally in touch to what is going on in the world with relationships, and speaks the truth here on was he sees and feels.

His voice rises about the rest as you can feel that he is a self-aware singer with a style that is unlike others. With a voice that was born due to being a big Justin Timberlake fan growing up, he hasn’t stopped to look in the mirror and is only ever evolving.

The high notes that he is able to reach is quite spectacular and its never too overbearing at all. The different R&B//Soul/Pop styles are all connected as the flow of the album is a well-made mix, that will have you dimming the lights and holding your lover so tight.

Particular highlights are without doubt’ Ode To The Dawn‘, ‘That Wont’ Do‘, ‘In The Darkness‘ and ‘It Is You‘. It feels like there is an extra edge here and these songs are made with a personal touch. This feels like music that has been carefully planned out and the love is so clear to hear.

Does the Andrien‘ from the soulfully genuine British-Nigerian singer-songwriter/poet Tomboxe is up there as one of the more impressive albums of the year. With a voice that amazes and with authentic lyrics, this is an R&B release to take note of.

Stream this love story via Spotify and find out more on FB.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen