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Got you mad on purpose: Y.Q.S have a delightfully thrilling exclusive mint condition disposition on Work It

Refusing to get mistaken for the basic girl next door who doesn’t have that extra spice and electric energy you can’t teach, Y.Q.S flip the script and motivate all the ladies to make sure they’re serving the agenda on Work It.

Y.Q.S is a fresh 4-piece UK-based girl band who have a sensually thrilling RnB ambience with a flavoursome afro/Spanish/swing intertwinement that matches their dynamically international British, Ghanaian, Nigerian, Venezuelan and Russian heritage.

With lusciously intriguing vocals and honest lyrics which have been sweetly toned to illuminating heights with a firmness some will struggle to conceptualize, we find a hungry all-ladies band who are in no mood to mess around.

Remember the name. Others have had their time in the limelight right at the top of the game. Y.Q.S is on the rise like a rocket-fueled flame and has earned its spot like ravenous cats ready to pounce on their prey.

Work It from the steaming hot-as-an-iron-at-peak-temperature UK-based indie RnB all-girl band Y.Q.S is a sizzling experience which might cause many blushes and bright eyes to spark up with ideas. This is a take-charge anthem you see? Changing the route via their own GPS and tripping out confused hearts who are tasting their own medicine, to show us that ladies can actually rule like Queens if teamwork is evident.

If you want to feel what the future looks like, you know what to do.

Hear this breathtaking single on Spotify.

See more via the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Just Let Go: Deore searches for those calm days on Peace

Thrusting through the brisk breeze and looking for the healing paths away from these weighty streets, Deore raps with calm significance to pacify all apprehensions away into the distance on Peace.

Deore aka David Arinzechukwu George is a 23-year-old Netherlands-born-and-raised hip-hop artist with Nigerian roots who grew up freestyling verses as a kid.

With bars so decisive they could break down any weak verses without even trying, Deore is on top form with a mellow style that is impossible to dislike. Heaped in a barrage of truth and never letting go, this is a reminder that true peace comes from within.

Peace from the exciting Netherlands-born hip-hop artist Deore is a super single from a quality act who is only elevating through each track. His mind moves through the noise and into happier waters here, as he starts his accent into higher climates.

Each word is meaningful and there is a marvellous beat on offer, to take our hearts into more subdued times to heal inside.

Listen up on Spotify. Check out his socials via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Yvngchxppa shows us inside the struggle to encounter stability in loving relationships on ‘Carmen’s Keep’

Lifting the lit on that constant game to stay real with yourself when you look into the mirror within the fake walls of this highly superficial society, Yvngchxppa strolls through the wild world that can have even the most calm human feeling rather anxious inside ‘Carmen’s Keep‘.

Yvngchxppa is a Nigerian-born, Toronto, Canada-based indie Hip hop artist and music producer who has been recognized for his frequent collaborations with quality emerging artists.

His recent collaborative album with fellow Toronto artist Badmanbead, Under Surveillance, has been burning up the streets since its early 2021 release.” ~ Yvngchxppa

Bringing us a catchy new track loaded with true life stories that many of us can learn from, Yvngchxppa is at his insightful best with a superb display that shall revive the truth inside us all.

If love is a drug, I’m an addict.” ~ Yvngchxppa

Carmen’s Keep‘ from Nigerian-born, Toronto, Canada-based indie Hip hop artist and music producer Yvngchxppa is an honest single that shall reflect the mood of many in this consumer-centric system. With our minds too busy and so much counterfeit noise bellowing out from the speakers when they should be calm, this is a reminder that we need to find the right connection. If not, the torrid turbulence might drown our precious soul out from fulfilling our goals and desires.

Hear this new single on Spotify and see his movements on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Nigerian-born rapper Rins4 senses that his heart is rather broken currently on ‘Soul Cry’

Examining the reason he was cut out rather easily when his heart was so full and happy, Rins4 reflects on the moment when he knew it was over for good on his latest single about getting over a ruptured relationship with ‘Soul Cry’.

Rins4 is a Melbourne, Australia-based, Nigerian-born rapper-songwriter who started freestyling in High School and has never looked back.

Rins4’s songwriting is materialised directly from his everyday experience.” ~ Rins4

Gliding through the track like a truly promising musician who hasn’t even scratched the surface of what is possible, Rins4 sends the world a lyrically astute single to ponder deeply and wonder reflectively inside.

Soul Cry‘ from Melbourne, Australia-based indie rapper Rins4 is a catchy new track from a man who has felt the wicked emotional wrath of being tossed away like yesterday’s newspaper. There is a fiery intensity in easy-to-hear abundance that will stir your romantic senses alive to when they were burned away so cruelly, by someone who felt compelled to discard you so quickly.

Getting over that lover who left you alone without cause is always one of the toughest emotions to get over.

Listen up to this new single on Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

I Will Win: Remilekun compels us to believe that we shall succeed on ‘Live’

Showing us how we shall always vanquish evil no matter what hindrances they place into our peacefully intentioned path, Remilekun sings with a roaring enthusiasm that will inspire your ears to perk up rather quickly on, ‘Live‘.

Remilekun is a Nigerian-born, London, UK-based Christian Gospel musician and Choir Director who performs with that vocal output that shall have you embracing each word she sings.

What was meant for evil will be turned around for good if you believe. Believe it in your heart and declare it with your mouth. Your voice is more powerful than any other voice over your life.” ~ Remilekun

After widening our minds open with her previous single from March 2021 called ‘Revelations‘, Remilekun projects that belief that is deeply intrenched in her soul that leads the light to where all that goodness was formally hidden. Her vocals are supremely spirited and with that rare decisiveness that we all need to learn from, so that we can be whoever we want to be despite those who try to cage our kindness away.

Recognised as a talented singer at a very tender age, known for singing covers from Indian blockbuster movies and hymns at daily family prayers.” ~ Remilekun

Live‘ from Nigerian-born, London, UK-based Christian Gospel musician and Choir Director Remilekun is an emotional release that guides us to that forgotten land that we all need to be a part of no matter those jagged rocks that we have to climb over. This is an artist who makes music for her faith that sets her free like a bird showing us where to fly, even if currently we are in a massive tornado.

Hear this passionate plea for kindness to resume globally on YouTube and see her next moves on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Manchester-based Dámì Sule feels so lost currently as he worries about ‘Taking L’s’

As he examines the grim clouds above and wonders why things are so bleak right now while he cleans up his wounds, Dámì Sule delivers one of the more honest singles you are likely to hear today with the contemplative release about finding your destiny on ‘Taking L’s‘.

Emmanuel Damilare Sule aka Dámì Sule is a Nigerian-born singer and rapper who is based in Manchester, UK and shows us his good-guy-vibe mentality with music to stimulate your deepest emotions.

Taking L’s’ is a fitting title for this emotional and personal tribute to failing to meet one’s own expectations.” ~ Dámì Sule

Dámì Sule is a gifted underground storyteller who seems to have that rare aptitude of expression that lets you into exactly what he is seeing right now. In a carnage-loaded world far too full of gloom and unnecessary hate, he is taking his time to work out who exactly he is – so that he may flourish like a free bird – and banish all those ghastly demons that are hiding in his mind forever.

Taking L’s‘ from the Manchester, UK-based indie singer and rapper Dámì Sule is a soundtrack for those who need some comfort about their current projection in this harsh seemingly alternate universe. There are others battling too and we can feel a sense of unity as we all get lost sometimes when our GPS malfunctions before we have a chat with ourselves and get back on track again. Featuring softly spoken poetry-like gems to awaken the mind again, this is a thoughtful single that should see you gazing outside and wondering if you are in the right place.

After all, you never know where your road will lead if you don’t experience some bad times – so that the good times will feel even more treasured like shiny gold – and make you extra appreciative of what you actually have.

Hear this deep track about finding your way on Spotify and follow him on IG for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Warm Place: EmMeka sips on the white wine together with his new lover on ‘Yellow’ (feat. N8TR)

Released off his brand new 4-track EP called ‘Week 25‘, EmMeka keep the lights on low and finds the right song that makes everything seem so flawless on ‘Yellow(feat. N8TR).

EmMeka is an Atlanta, Georgia-based hip-hop/RnB/soul-fused Nigerian-American music producer, singer, rapper, and writer.

A massive Atlanta Falcons fan himself, you feel his touchdown appeal here with a spiral-like accuracy brewing the whole way through this electrically passionate new single.

I like to incorporate my own composed and performed live instrumentation on the piano, guitar, bass, drums, and synth leads into my signature style.” ~ EmMeka

Taking us on a voyage of self-discovery as you lock lips and gravitate closer towards that new romantic interest, EmMeka sends our naked spines into a euphoric shiver with this sumptuously inviting track you will find so tempting.

Yellow(feat. N8TR) from the understated Atlanta-based Nigerian-American music producer and RnB/hip-hop/soul singer/rapper EmMeka, is a romantic single with silky vocals and a top-notch beat – that gets your body grooving to the vibe – as you cuddle close with that special soul who truly cares about what you say.

This is that slide-close track to play late at night after you have gotten back from a night out, and just want to get inside that warm place that feels just right.

Hear this new single on his Spotify and check out the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Bring It: Atlanta-based multi-creative Weku Did That is in peak form with ‘Blood Moon’

Featuring a dazzling beat that elevates you up and has you automatically accelerating on whatever floor is in front of you, Weku Did That positively conveys his illuminating broadcast on his latest instrumental-boost-mood single that has you howling at the ‘Blood Moon‘.

Weku Did That is an Atlanta, Georgia-based Nigerian-American record producer, RnB/hip-hop musician, film and music production expert and songwriter, who is on the rise due to his mysterious style and marvellously-made music creations.

He has garnered national attention by the mystique in the use of his signature full-face mask and he is being credited as the front runner for production in the budding genre of music that he has coined as Trap Rock.” ~ Weku Did That

Atlanta’s Weku Did That fires through hot with a sensual gem via his 9-track ‘Trap Rock‘ release. There is a booming amount of passion-filled activity foaming in this fine record, that has your head drifting around like you are back in the zone again.

Blood Moon‘ from the multi-skilled Atlanta, Georgia-based Nigerian-American record producer, RnB/hip-hop artist and film/production professional Weku Did That, shows us a man on a mission for that world domination. With his name on the lips of so many right now as his bass-thumping production has the masses jumping up and down in unadulterated excitement, there is much to love about a party track like this. Bring on summer.

Soothe your ears on Spotify and see more masked adventures on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Let Me Be Your Guide: Zero-B1 connects perfectly and the feelings flow beautifully on ‘You Don’t Know’

Featuring lovely vocals that sumptuously has you feeling so calm and loved, Zero-B1 is back with his new single all about friends getting close after so much flirting, that will have your heart so happy on ‘You Don’t Know‘.

Zero-B1 is a skilled British-Nigerian RnB, jazz and soulful music producer, singer-songwriter, music arranger and lawyer-by-day. With a crisp rhythm attached so naturally in tune, he makes that genuine-feel music that just wraps you up tastefully and doesn’t let you ever be sad.

The song tells the all-too-relatable story of two close friends developing feelings, navigating their fears, and finally taking the plunge into the unknown to admit their feelings and give things a go together.” – Zero-B1

With buried treasures awaiting and lots of hand holding, this is such a sweetly pictured story that is full of innocent vocals and catchy beats – that makes you think that it is actually possible – to fall in love with a close friend. The time for concealing is over, as the door opens and you can’t help but gaze lustfully into each others eyes, with such a huge smile on your grinning faces.

You Don’t Know‘ from the top notch British-Nigerian singer/producer Zero-B1, shows us the story of two humans that have felt the spark and things heat up, without them realizing it at first. The heart wants what the heart wants, as the story of love has us all smiling in admiration, of this sweet story that fills you up with hope.

Hear this terrific new single on Spotify and see more via his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Full Of Emotion: IBK rains down with deep-rooted poetic single ‘These Tears’

As he writes the stories down to help him drift away from the blustery wind that has blown him away from the right road of life, IBK brings us the very reflective new single all about ‘These Tears‘.

Ibukun Araoye aka IBK, is a highly motivated Nigerian indie electronic/hip-hop musician/poet, musicology minor degree graduate and producer, who lathers in his love for music from when he was very little, to his passion of having his music played all over the world now, to inspire others through their troubles.

”A medical doctor by training – with a neuroscience background -, I truly believe in the power of music as medicine”. – IBK

He sings and speaks with such grace and compassion, as he has seen what music can do to those who need it most. His message is one of peace and understanding, in a world that needs more common sense as other issues have made so many forget about those who need help right now.

These Tears‘ from Nigerian producer/musician/poet IBK, is that smartly constructed single that has so much layers that you sink your mind inside like taking a warm bubble bath, the feeling is so comforting that you never want to get out. This is the type of music to heal with, so that you may become stronger and wash away all that fear and self-doubt that consumes you down into the dumps of no return. Visualizing what you need to do, is the only way to succeed in this complex world.

Stream this intriguing new single on Soundcloud and follow his creations on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen