No Bricks: Christian rapper D-Rock shows us how he did it ‘Legit’

Taken off his latest 5-track ‘Blessed Up‘ album, D-Rock guides us into his life that only contains those moments that lets you know that he will always be ‘Legit‘.

Derek Johnson aka D-Rock is a Palm Bay, Florida-born Christian hip-hop solo artist who now resides in Macomb, Illinois. After a tough life growing up in the devious streets where he dealt with gang life, drugs, and a stint in jail, we are introduced to a fighter that changed his life around when he found his faith in God and now works in youth ministry.

With a look up at the sky to gain forgiveness at what happened before and gritted teeth at what he wants to achieve, D-Rock is a seriously determined soul who vowed never to see those suffocating bars again and has stood by his word. Easing into the mic with a flow that is packed with intent and so much love for his leader, you sense a reinvigorated artist that is showing the world that it is indeed possible to turn the picture around if you want enough.

Legit‘ from the Macomb, Illinois-based indie Christian hip-hop artist D-Rock, is a flip-scripting track that shows his haters that he has moved onto greener pastures and isn’t ever looking back again. With his past firmly behind him, you feel that this is a statement single from an artist who has had a second chance presented to him and isn’t going to waste it.

With a firm flow and lots of stories to tell – you feel like he’s only getting started on this exciting path – that has changed his whole mindset from the dark into the ever-growing light.

Listen up to this new single on his Spotify and check out the IG page for more news.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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