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Folarin and Keziah – Relentless: Soulfully-Inspiring Christian and Gospel

Folarin & Keziah’s Christian & Gospel album “Relentless” provides an ethereally sweet array of soundscapes which may vary in genre and tone. Yet, one thing which remains a constant is the inspiring soul poured into each of the singles.

The album’s title track invites you to immerse yourself within a serene offering of smooth RnB complete with soaring blues guitar progressions and Folarin & Keziah’s nuancedly celestial vocals leading a choir. The extended single lays out comfortingly contemplative lyrics which were penned poignantly enough to provide aural salvation to everyone – whether you’re pious or not.

You can check out Relentless along with the rest of Folarin & Keziah’s uplifting debut album via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast.


Folarin & Keziah Have Redefined the Christian and Gospel Genre with Their Latest Single “Jesus is Alive”

After hearing Folarin & Keziah’s latest collaborative Christian and Gospel single “Jesus is Alive”, I can guarantee that it’s not just the pious who will appreciate the riff-filled, Funk-soaked high octane mix which they’ve created.

How many times have you hit play on a single to discover it was passionless, soulless and sterile? Consider Jesus is Alive as an aural antidote. Jesus is Alive is brimming with an infectious amount of soul which won’t fail to resonate around the monstrous guitar riffs, funky bass lines, soaring synth lines, and the charismatically magnetic dual vocals from Folarin & Keziah. The energy in this single is more potent than any track I’ve heard this year. It comes highly recommended, and not just for the artist’s exposure, consider it as doing yourselves a favour.

Folarin & Keziah are due to release their debut album on December 6th, so make sure to give them a follow on Instagram & Facebook to keep up to date with news of their release.

In the meantime, you can check out their single Jesus is Alive via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Terrence turk Robinson – Hold On: Soulfully Composed R&B Trap

Christian & Gospel singer-songwriter Terrence turk Robinson has recently released their second single “Hold On (To His Word)”. And it’s safe to say that I’ve never a heard a more soulful contemporary R&B-laced Trap track.

Whatever your religious leanings, Terrence turk Robinson’s soulful magnetism won’t fail to resonate when you hit play on their good vibe hits which have been orchestrated to strengthen faith. Nick Cave once said that atheists could never make good songwriters, after listening to Hold On, I may just be inclined to agree with him.

Sure, the harmonic vocals are pleasing, and the beats contain plenty of lush hooks, but the intrinsically enamouring soulful sentiment in Hold On is what really allows this track to hit hard.

You can check out Terrence turk Robinson’s latest single Hold On for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Freedom Worship – Devotional music for the modern world

Freedom Worship are the modern face of spiritual creativity and the modern face of devotional music. They are not a band so much as a community, one which expresses itself through many different art forms, through many different styles and genres, music such as You Rose For Me being just one example of their output.

The song is a wonderful blend of modern gospel, soul and R&B but could just as easily find favour with those more into their pop music. But of course, as always with such music, the important aspect of the song is the lyrical message. As the title suggests it is a celebration of the sacrifice that Jesus made for his followers and the world as a whole but such is the slick and modern nature of the song it will easily find favour outside the evangelical community. Those who believe will appreciate its meaning, those who take a more secular path with be entranced by the beauty of the harmonies and arrangements. The best of both worlds.