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Remilekun funked up gospel in her euphorically liberating single, Put Your Weights Down

The one and only luminary, Remilekun, is back on our radar with the momentously uplifting single, Put Your Weights Down, and once again, her unfaltering zeal has driven us to evocative euphoria.

Definitively proving that gospel doesn’t need to adhere to any genre, Put Your Weights Down put synthy funk and disco rhythms behind the ultimate good vibe anthem, which is destined to resonate with everyone. The universally infectious track hits every conceivable mark as it compels you to move to the beat and unshackle yourself from what is holding you back and down.

This is far from the first time that we’ve found reverence for the soulful force, but this new single which captures the electricity of a live performance reached the pinnacle of mindful exhilaration. The essential playlist staple will lift any mood as it encapsulates the artist’s journey from singing covers to leading a ninety-member choir. It mirrors the impact of her inspirational and transformational leadership – get behind her; you won’t regret it.

Raised by a single mother who instilled in her resilience and creativity, Remilekun’s music is imbued with the courage to overcome life’s storms. Put Your Weights Down is not just a song; it’s a narrative of perseverance and a beacon for anyone looking to rise above their circumstances. It’s Remilekun’s musical prowess and heartening background that make this track—and her—an essential presence in the landscape of gospel and inspirational music. I can’t help but adore her.

Put Your Weights Down was officially released on November 11; check it out on Spotify and YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Folarin & Keziah harmonised chapter and verse on the presence and power of God with their 2023 EP, Greatest

On November 1st, the award-winning Canadian worship music duo Folarin & Keziah delivered their ‘Greatest’ EP, which stands as a testament to their mission of forging a cutting-edge intersection across the convergence of Christian and contemporary gospel genres.

By weaving cinematically striking elements of rock, RnB, soul, funk, blues, and pop around the impassionedly upraising lyricism which taps into the salvation of faith and emanates the assurance of unfaltering hope, Folarin & Keziah orchestrated one of the most seminal devotional records of the decade.

If you’re looking to be liberated from fear and to vanquish semblances of incertitude, just hit play on the duo which has been repetitively celebrated by the Gospel Music Association and hear them harmonise on their strident reverence for the presence and power of God.

Stream the Greatest EP on Spotify or purchase the 6-track release via Bandcamp.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Megan Lynette paved the path to resilient redemption in her debut single, Broken

With her debut single, Broken, the Houston-born-and-raised contemporary Christian & gospel singer, songwriter and soulstress Megan Lynette helped her audience to find their missing pieces on the route to resilience and redemption.

Rather than shying away from the most painful facets of the human condition, the recording artist acts as the guiding light away from them by allowing her lyrics to traverse the themes of joy, struggle, healing, hope, and perseverance.

With vocal lines that drench the synthpop soundscape with stylish gospel-esque soul, Broken is an all-consumingly compassionate release that is ardently enlightening enough to resonate with anyone caught in the crosshairs of visceral pain, tragedy and confusion.

With her sophomore single, Only Hope, set for release in 2023, it is well worth following Megan Lynette’s career as it becomes illustrious in the coming months.

Broken is available to stream on Spotify.

Christian & Gospel sensation Remilekun radiated redemption in her latest single, WORTHY

80s-ESQUE Pop-rock and Christian & Gospel rarely converge, but the up-and-coming celestial soulstress, Remilekun proved that spellbindingly redemptive things happen when they do in her latest single, WORTHY, which officially released on February 24th.

With guitar solos that will stir the souls of anyone pious for Prince against the salvation-soaked high harmonic stretches and the lyrics that work with the sole aim of reaching out to anyone feeling the sting of self-perceived worthlessness, the single is an essential extension of hope.

Feeling unworthy is a dangerous trap to fall into, but one that depression and unlucky circumstances can dangle a carrot in front of and allow us to plunge into the murky depths of, but as so elevatedly exhibited by Remilekun, stepping into the light is always an option. No matter who you are, where you have been, or what you have done.

Stream the official lyric video for WORTHY by heading over to YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Want You To Lose: PreacherMan drops heavenly new track Stay Saved (feat. The Fro)

After learning his craft on the car show and underground nightclub floors, PreacherMan shows us the church influence as he flies high on the outstanding new single Stay Saved (feat. The Fro).

PreacherMan aka Martin Powell is an elevated Christian/Gospel artist who preaches the word of God to the world and includes anyone who is willing to open their mind to his eloquent words.

Lighting up the self-enlightenment for us, this is a single all about rather wanting to head to heaven than be paid out of blood money. PreacherMan has our hearts listening up with full attention on this gem. There is so much to be guided by here, from a wise soul who has left the small-minded behind for good.

Stay Saved (feat. The Fro) from the Memphis-based Christian/Gospel artist PreacherMan is a rather impressive soundtrack to play on repeat. Soaked in so much class and with tons of lyrical flow reserved for the best, this is the kind of track to play when we need to remember what is most important.

In a world filled with so many tempting corners, we find an answer to so many questions.

Hear this fine song on Spotify. View more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Folarin & Keziah modernise Christian & Gospel in their fusionist soul-stirrer, Everything to Me

Folarin & Keziah

Christian & Gospel duo, Folarin & Keziah shared the love through their single, Everything to Me, which casts aside the traditional aural archetypes to bring in the new school of contemporary gospel. The eclectic fusionist style allows gospel instrumentals to evolve around the shimmering dualistically balanced harmonies. Soul-stirring scarcely scratches the surface of the emotions that flood to the surface while their sonic poetry is in motion.

The soaring electric guitar riff towards the outro of this compassionately enlightening single, which could have come from Prince himself, proves how serious the Nigeria-hailing, Canada-residing duo is when it comes to the modernisation of gospel. Yet even amidst all of the innovation, the original utility of Christian & Gospel resounds.

Everything to Me will officially release on December 30th; check it out via the artist’s official website. Stay tuned for their 2023 full-length LP, which will be followed by a Canadian tour.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Remilekun testifies to the power of gratitude in her gospel single, Magnify

Christian & Gospel sensation, Remilekun, is a soulful force to follow in the graceful footsteps of. Her latest single, Magnify, explores the power of gratitude. Harness it, and you will find yourself as enlightened as this striking soundscape which cinematically drifts through neo-classical crescendos as it cradles the impressive octave range of the singer-songwriter.

Quiescently ornate and momentous in equal measure, Magnify is the ultimate affirmation of the heights that gratitude and faith can take you to when you shift your focus away from negativity and towards positivity and the belief that you have a cherished place in the world.

The almost overwhelmingly talented artist has a dynamic discography, containing everything from classic praise songs to serenades that even the most secularly minded will be moved by.

Check out Remilekun’s latest single, Magnify, on Spotify and YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Shelia Moore- Piper exudes untaintedly pure uplifting soul in Single Lady, featuring rapper Tyrik Tell.

For her standout track, Single Lady, the multi-award-winning Houston-hailing Christian soul artist, Shelia Moore- Piper collaborated with one of the smoothest rappers in the game, Tyrik Tell to speak to the fairer sex through a classy empowering RnB earworm, which proves just how visceral feminine power can be.

With Piper’s harmonic pitch-perfection mixed with Tell’s luxe rap verses, the seductive magnetism of the pure untainted soul is strong enough to pull you right into the centre of the epiphanous jazzy mix, produced by the BDM Upgroove Music brand.

Single Lady, part of The Love/Soul Session Vol. 1 Ep, is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

I Can’t Control My Own Head: Danielle Evans wonders if it will be okay on One More Day

Worrying about the tricks that her persuasive mind plays when she is alone inside, Danielle Evans urges herself to get some sleep so that she can live with a smile again on One More Day.

Danielle Evans is a Michigan-born indie Christian-pop singer songwriter who performs with her faith in abundance, helping to guide her through all challenges and heartbreaks.

Danielle hopes to shed the light on mental health and the word of God with her music. Wanting to let everyone know life is not a perfect picture and you don’t have to walk through anything alone.” ~ Danielle Evans showing us her inspirational message to all listeners

With her delightful vocal ability and her powerfully written poems that show us the struggle, Danielle Evans is a dynamic musician to remember and displays her tremendously likeable quality yet again on One More Day.

One More Day from Michigan-born indie Christian-pop singer songwriter Danielle Evans is the type of single that might make you cry tears of relief from finding out that you are not alone. Streaming with pain from the inside and laden with honest lyrics that were bravely written, from a young woman who is trying to keep it all together. Sung with a real intent to help us all understand what many are fighting, when it seems that everything is okay from the outside.

Keeping your thoughts simple and being kind to yourself is the key to unlocking all of your greatness.

Hear this fine single on Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

I Will Win: Remilekun compels us to believe that we shall succeed on ‘Live’

Showing us how we shall always vanquish evil no matter what hindrances they place into our peacefully intentioned path, Remilekun sings with a roaring enthusiasm that will inspire your ears to perk up rather quickly on, ‘Live‘.

Remilekun is a Nigerian-born, London, UK-based Christian Gospel musician and Choir Director who performs with that vocal output that shall have you embracing each word she sings.

What was meant for evil will be turned around for good if you believe. Believe it in your heart and declare it with your mouth. Your voice is more powerful than any other voice over your life.” ~ Remilekun

After widening our minds open with her previous single from March 2021 called ‘Revelations‘, Remilekun projects that belief that is deeply intrenched in her soul that leads the light to where all that goodness was formally hidden. Her vocals are supremely spirited and with that rare decisiveness that we all need to learn from, so that we can be whoever we want to be despite those who try to cage our kindness away.

Recognised as a talented singer at a very tender age, known for singing covers from Indian blockbuster movies and hymns at daily family prayers.” ~ Remilekun

Live‘ from Nigerian-born, London, UK-based Christian Gospel musician and Choir Director Remilekun is an emotional release that guides us to that forgotten land that we all need to be a part of no matter those jagged rocks that we have to climb over. This is an artist who makes music for her faith that sets her free like a bird showing us where to fly, even if currently we are in a massive tornado.

Hear this passionate plea for kindness to resume globally on YouTube and see her next moves on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen