Nine Moves West & Mary Jo are incredible on ‘Death of Me’

With the help of elegant singer-songwriter and recording artist Mary Jo, Nine Moves West rocks in with the new single, ‘Death of Me‘.

Arising from Boston at Berklee College of Music, Benjamin Roche of Nine Moves West have continued their journey making their unique alternative, retro-futuristic, cinematic rock take on music. The formula is working quite well and this is such great music.

With a brooding start, you feel like something special is going to happen here. On further listens, that intuition is proved correct. The vocals from Benjamin reach heights that you just don’t expect. This is a laid-bare track with Mary adding a vital sound to make this song even better. The sounds are backed up with flawless production that simmers in the door, awaiting to be set free.

Nine Moves West consists of front-man Benjamin Roche, with surreal sounding synthesizers, heavy guitars, intense drum rhythms, and cinematic vocal performances, this is just good music. Mary Jo & Nine Moves West rocks in with the new single, ‘Death of Me‘, that combines so many talents into one big package of goodness. This is a song to throw on loud and proud.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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