”Neva Die” by J.Wil is a story of life and death

This is a new rap track with a tough tone and is real all the way. You must always be alert otherwise you might end up six feet under. It’s a crazy world out there and one slip up could cost you dearly. In a crazy world, it’s great to hear a song with a true message.

Neva Die” from J.Wil reflects on life in the tough hood and keeping those friends close to you real tight as major problems can pop up so quick. We need to remember those lessons we have been taught and always be building upwards to the next level. This is a story of staying alive when you shouldn’t. The odds are stacked against you and you need to improvise.

Hip Hop is flooded with music and it can be really hard to stand out with artists coming and going so fast. I feel like J.Wil is a top talent and will rise to high levels if he keeps on penning dope lyrics. He has a tight flow and shows lots of potential for growth. I like his storytelling and he seems to be getting better and better.

Stream this new eerie Hip Hop track right here on Soundcloud.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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