Nav’s Hook sold his will for that glimmering happiness that turned unexpectedly cold on, ‘A Merry Dance’

Known best for his soulfully nostalgic performance on 2021’s ‘Letters‘, Nav’s Hook returns with his new single that is sure to get us all thinking deeply about those romantic moments you will never forget on, ‘A Merry Dance‘.

Nav’s Hook is an India-born and based, Cyprus-raised, indie alt-blues singer-songwriter who has lived in many different countries all over the globe.

Cyprus was the beginning of my musical experience where as a teen I regularly tuned into a British radio station called BFBS (British Forces Broadcasting Service) where anything and everything “British Rock” was played. Of course, later time spent in America only furthered my passions into the kind of music I always wanted to make.” – Nav’s Hook

After being inspired to make this song while reading an old archived article, Nav’s Hook returns to our lives with another truly excellent release that is made with his signature intelligent style. His powerful vocals are rather soothing and filter calmly in your throbbing heart, with a lyrically advanced single to learn from.

You’re surrounded by everyone who witnesses your descend, where in a fit of resentment you question the very idea of holding someone sacred, or having any faith in anything or anyone at all. Finally, accusing all that’s real around you to be a complete lie.” ~ Nav’s Hook

A Merry Dance‘ from Cyprus-raised, indie alt-blues singer-songwriter Nav’s Hook is an honest single with a brilliance all over the place, about feeling like you are out in the freezing cold now as the candles are out, and real-life starts to take over. Falling for that selfish soul is hard to take and we are carried on an incredible journey by a true storyteller, who is always looking to learn and evolve throughout this astonishing journey to the top.

Realizing that everything you thought true was a lie, is a suffocating feeling that can damage your soul forever if you let it.

See the visuals for the new single on YouTube and visit his IG page for more insights.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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