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Back At Home: Jamie Kudo awaits that special moment again on debut Supernova

Knowing that their love will be strong forever despite the distance, Jamie Kudo shows us an indisputably quality release via his debut single to take your heart for a flight on Supernova.

Jamie Kudo aka Sid aka Siddharth Bhambure is a 20-year-old London, UK-based indie pop singer-songwriter who makes those emotional songs from his bedroom.

This track is like the first sip of whiskey that you drink taking off on a plane headed to a place you don’t know for two, maybe
three or four years, looking out and watching your city get smaller in the distance.” ~ Jamie Kudo

Showing so much potential that is brimmed with a real vocal brilliance, Jamie Kudo reaches up to the sky and would climb up mountains for this special human who he treasures so warmly. With intricate lyrics that grab your attention rather swiftly, this is a delightful song to play loud when you need some reassurance that all will be okay when you’re finally together.

Supernova from the Mumbai, India-born, London, UK-based pop artist Jamie Kudo is a rather wonderful song that will have you thinking so deeply about missing someone special so much. Craving that genuine connection, tender touch and showing what it takes to be love sometimes, this is a stunning experience that will take you for a real ride and help you see so much clearer.

Sung with a magnetic appeal, this is a hugely promising debut that shall open your mind up to long-lasting possibilities.

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Srujanika is inspired by those who support her busy journey on ‘For You’

Vowing to be great and to show others that anything is actually possible if you have that fire burning bright when others are napping, Srujanika knows exactly why she does this and opens up her bedroom studio door with her latest aesthetic edit called ‘For You‘.

Srujanika is a Kolkata, India-based indie singer-songwriter who currently studying towards a Health Arts & Science degree while also following her music dreams.

From going to school to saving money to pursuing music, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed.” ~ Srujanika

Leading us into current times while she waits for her next project to be mastered, Srujanika sings with such emotion and has dropped a reminder of what she is capable of. With serene class and a vocal depth that is such a wonderful listen, this is a raw track that has a genuine message to uplift yourself with if you have been overly stressed lately.

For You‘ from Kolkata, India-based indie solo singer-songwriter Srujanika is a really lovely single from an authentic artist who does this to make others happy. Her lyrics guide us deep inside her life and show us why she is loved throughout the world, as a musician who always keeps it real and relatable. Filled with honesty and packed with her likeable vocals, this is a dynamic single with plenty to remember.

See this delightful new video on YouTube.

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Moosa Saleem feels like something is missing that is so hard to explain on ‘Confide’ (feat. Jeremiah de Rozario)

Knowing that the radiant love could be so much stronger than it currently appears, Moosa Saleem doesn’t want the spark to be lost in the sky with the incredible new release ‘Confide(feat. Jeremiah de Rozario).

Moosa Saleem is a multi-talented Kashmir, India-born singer-songwriter, author, filmmaker and composer who makes that ear-warming music to heal your tired soul.

Sending our emotions into overdrive with smooth vocals and a backdrop that shall have you sensing you’re listening to something rather peacefully special, Moosa Saleem and Jeremiah de Rozario hold our awaiting hands and take us on a cinematic journey that you will find hard to forget.

Confide(feat. Jeremiah de Rozario) from Kashmir, India-born singer-songwriter and composer Moosa Saleem is one of the more beautiful songs you will probably hear all year. There is so much quality oozing from the fabrics of this fantastic experience that is all about wanting that true love to continue and never falter. With many obstacles crushing our dreams because of previous unimaginable circumstances, this is a track that shall have you feeling so reflective as you float back into your romantic life.

Sometimes you just need to speak up before the door closes, and it’s all over before you know it.

Listen up to this new single on Spotify and see more on the IG page.

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ku:hu shows us that striking moment when you knew it was over on, ‘by your side’ (feat. wroi)

With an honest tone and introspective lyrics that have been made with such care and tenderness, ku:hu brings us into the picture that is content about the final decision to stop something that isn’t working on, ‘by your side (feat. wroi).

ku:hu is a Vadodara, India-born London, UK-based queer non-binary RnB/Lo-fi musician and photographer who created this new single with a few mates while at Berklee College of Music.

Their love for music stemmed from the influences surrounding them growing up, such as Hindustani classical music and pop/rock music. This love for music further blossomed through classical piano lessons under the instruction of Australian pianist, Elaine Fenn, where her speciality in performance was from 20th-century western classical music, especially serialist works by Arnold Shoenberg and jazz works by George Gershwin.” ~ ku:hu

Bringing us a single that is so distinctive and packed with a stirring vocal experience that might have you feeling somehow sad and relieved at the same time, ku:hu leads us into a new experience that so many of us shall relate to. Your ears might be perked up and your thoughts on overload, from an insightful artist who has that inventive style that you can’t help but admire.

by your side(feat. wroi) from London, UK-based queer non-binary RnB/Lo-fi musician ku:hu is an enchanting track that brings us into a true moment that might shatter fragile hearts. The vocals are completely enthralling and shall change your mood altogether as there is such a reflective edge here, from an artist who is uniquely exhilarating and is always looking to make music that is completely real.

There is so much to close your eyes to as we are taken on a vivid journey, to where the moment is cherished but the closure is probably for the best.

Hear this wonderful new track on Spotify and follow the IG for more.

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Nav’s Hook sold his will for that glimmering happiness that turned unexpectedly cold on, ‘A Merry Dance’

Known best for his soulfully nostalgic performance on 2021’s ‘Letters‘, Nav’s Hook returns with his new single that is sure to get us all thinking deeply about those romantic moments you will never forget on, ‘A Merry Dance‘.

Nav’s Hook is an India-born and based, Cyprus-raised, indie alt-blues singer-songwriter who has lived in many different countries all over the globe.

Cyprus was the beginning of my musical experience where as a teen I regularly tuned into a British radio station called BFBS (British Forces Broadcasting Service) where anything and everything “British Rock” was played. Of course, later time spent in America only furthered my passions into the kind of music I always wanted to make.” – Nav’s Hook

After being inspired to make this song while reading an old archived article, Nav’s Hook returns to our lives with another truly excellent release that is made with his signature intelligent style. His powerful vocals are rather soothing and filter calmly in your throbbing heart, with a lyrically advanced single to learn from.

You’re surrounded by everyone who witnesses your descend, where in a fit of resentment you question the very idea of holding someone sacred, or having any faith in anything or anyone at all. Finally, accusing all that’s real around you to be a complete lie.” ~ Nav’s Hook

A Merry Dance‘ from Cyprus-raised, indie alt-blues singer-songwriter Nav’s Hook is an honest single with a brilliance all over the place, about feeling like you are out in the freezing cold now as the candles are out, and real-life starts to take over. Falling for that selfish soul is hard to take and we are carried on an incredible journey by a true storyteller, who is always looking to learn and evolve throughout this astonishing journey to the top.

Realizing that everything you thought true was a lie, is a suffocating feeling that can damage your soul forever if you let it.

See the visuals for the new single on YouTube and visit his IG page for more insights.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Shaan Kambli feels so emotional when they are back together on the dance-pop speaker-hugger, ‘ohno’

As he looks deeper into his returning lover’s eyes to see if this is real or just an illusion, Shaan Kambli senses that they are falling in love all over again with the hot new single that will cause the windows to steam up with, ‘ohno‘.

Shaan Kambli is a Mumbai-born, London-based indie dance-pop solo artist and music producer who has been recognized by Grammy-winning artist AR Rahman as one of the top 24 indie artists in India.

The same love can take many shapes over time. The verses are quiet and near-acoustic (only voice and guitar), for when the feeling was internalised. Losing myself in her expert critiques of various teas, or in the way she’d geek out about science. The choruses (with their higher vocals, drum grooves and vox-samples) reminds me of times when that feeling was expressed and celebrated.” ~ Shaan Kambli

Showing us that devotion can reboot again if you are both willing to get back to the basics, Shaan Kambli helps us find that hope again that has been hidden away for too long. He is a superb singer that takes your breath away, as this world-class performer stuns your senses with a remarkable display.

I wanted the lead vocal to switch rapidly between legato and staccato phrasing. For the staccato sections, I chose lyrics which emphasise consonance, allowing the phrasing to break more sharply (i.e. too good to be true – the staccato section, as compared to sixteen, our love seemed – the legato section).” ~ Shaan Kambli

ohno‘ from the London, UK-based indie dance-pop solo artist and music producer Shaan Kambli, is a sizzler of a track that shall get your whole body back in sync to where you need to be. He sings about the tough emotions that come with the deal when you are trying to reignite something that had fazed out for a reason before. Sung with true polish and a vocal range that is simply excellent, this is a candle-lit winner for anyone who is thinking about trying to love the same person again – despite the possible rejection – that could break your romantic nature if you aren’t too careful.

Listen up to this romantic single on Soundcloud and follow his social announcements on IG.

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Calvin Dixon is supremely concerned with the ghost inside her veins with ‘3 Below z e r o’

With a dance-heavy beat that will have you in the mood to slow groove with a vigilant eye on that crush in your arms, Calvin Dixon wonders if this expedition will end in the frigid climates that it’s seemingly headed for with ‘3 Below z e r o‘.

Calvin Dixon is an India-born, Los Angeles, California-based indie-pop solo artist who appears to only make hit singles that are filled with dazzling intrigue.

His career has been underpinned by a desire to take his sound into new and meaningful avenues, crossing boundaries along the way and bringing out a message in his music.” ~ Calvin Dixon

Dropping a wonderfully creative track that has you delving deeper into your mind as you wonder what their next move shall be, Calvin Dixon is at his peak with a release that will have you pondering the future enormously.

3 Below z e r o‘ from Los Angeles, California-based indie-pop solo singer-songwriter Calvin Dixon, is the kind of single that will have you looking intensely into the eyes of that special soul who you care for but wonder if they feel the same. With a sizzling beat that takes your mind into a reflectively nostalgic mood – this is a single that so many will feel is completely relatable – in this cold world that can cause so much frostbite.

Hear this terrific new single on Spotify and see his moves on IG.

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The Underdog Rises: Kru Manasa sends us his loveletter to New York on ‘Want’

After courageously moving to NYC with just his two trusty guitars, a backpack, and a dream four months ago, Kru Manasa looked out of that dusty subway window on his way to the gym one day and just knew that this complex city had his heart on ‘Want‘.

Kru Manasa is a 23-year old Bangalore, India-born, New York, USA-based indie-pop singer-songwriter and aspiring actor at the Lee Strasberg Film & Theatre Institute.

Being an Indian and making it into the mainstream pop world, now that’s a first. But somebody’s gotta do it. I’m here, I’m ready.” ~ Kru Manasa

You feel like you have been transported into a beautifully honest mindset of love when you listen to Kru Manasa. The genuine nature of this ambitious young man is so easy to admire, as he shares his true feelings on a song that you will find highly memorable as it brings a welcome glow to your famished soul.

Want‘ from the NYC-based indie-pop artist and acting student Kru Manasa is a catchy single that has you feeling so much happier than before as you get wrapped into this ear-soothing experience. He sings with a huge smile and this kind of energy transmits like a massive light leading you to a better place as you realize where you wish to be in this world.

After chasing his dreams to be in a city that can either make or break you – this is the ultimate artist underdog – that never gave up and is exactly who we should all be rooting for.

Listen to his new single on Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

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Dancing To Your Journey: Jatayu x Harini Iyer helps us find that peaceful place on ‘Restless’ (feat. Praveen Sparsh)

With a loving beat that gets your whole soul ready for spiritual enlightenment away from the gloom of modern days, Jatayu x Harini Iyer urges us to be truly free on the stage of life that needs to be fulfilled beyond the normal on ‘Restless(feat. Praveen Sparsh).

Jatayu is a Chennai, India-based indie nu-jazz-rock quartet. Featuring Harini Iyer on vocals and the hypnotic mridangam expertise of Praveen Sparsh, this is an exceptional effort that has clearly been made with lots of skill attached.

Using sound and music to tell stories, the band weaves together traditional Carnatic music with Jazz, Funk, Rock, and a whole host of perpetually changing styles and influences to push the boundaries of fusion.” ~ Jatayu

Restless(feat. Praveen Sparsh) from the stylish Chennai, India-based indie nu-jazz-rock quartet Jatayu x Harini Iyer, is a wonderful song that is filled with an original rhythm that has you clicking your fingers and tapping your toes, as we gaze at the stars above and let such a sensational singer bless us with her glorious vocals. This is a soul-healing experience that features so many exquisite solos. that helps us see the fire that burns inside us.

Breaking through your past slumber into a productive world is the best way to feel like you are heading into the happy path that shall set you free forever.

Lather yourself into this terrific new single on Spotify and see more via their IG page.

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A New Era: SOARA are on top form with ‘Niram’ (feat. Hannes Grossmann)

With a spirited start that gets your heart racing like a Formula One car speeding into the first corner, SOARA brings us something that most of us have never heard before in our lives with ‘Niram(feat. Hannes Grossmann).

SOARA is a full-tempo San Francisco Bay Area-based, Mumbai and Chennai, India-born indie Indian metal duo who make that speaker-shaking music that is completely original.

Combining ethereal soundscapes with dense drumming and soulful Carnatic vocals, the music seeks to address deep systemic issues.” ~ SOARA

Cleansing away all our preconceptions of this legendary genre that needed a shake-up, SOARA brings us a rip-roaring single that will have you jumping up and down wherever you are. Featuring a robust soundscape that takes your intrigued soul for a leather-jacket zipped ride into a new world, this is a remarkable exertion that needs the volume on full for maximum enjoyment.

Niram(feat. Hannes Grossmann) from the raging San Francisco Bay Area-based, Mumbai and Chennai, India-born indie Indian metal duo SOARA, is a bass-busting experience that you will find problematic to forget. There are lots of catchy drums, calming vocals, all mixed with a full-paced guitar riff that might rattle the naked insides of your compelled earlobes. This is a track that will have you completely engrossed, as you close your eyes and imagine watching them playing live and giving the crowd a scintillating concert to truly remember forever.

Hear this new single on Spotify and see more on IG.

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