Nashville-based Frances Praet impresses on fantastic ‘Love Is a State of Mind’

Frances Praet is a Nashville based singer-songwriter with Americana, Pop and Rock influences and she returns with her fantastic new track called ‘Love Is a State of Mind‘.

With her Dad J. David Praet, who produced this track that he wrote circa 1979, this is a family affair that has been created with such love.

You can hear the Nashville country music style in her voice and the LA-born singer Frances Praet beautifully takes us to a self-reflective place. With crisp vocals that make me smile. Her story of love coming and going is so calming and also makes you think of previous relationships.

Love Is a State of Mind‘ is a Nashville inspired song from the young artist. Frances Praet sings with such heart, she is a real soul who performs with elegance that can’t be taught.

Stream here for the Spotify page.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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