My Body Is In Your Head: Russell Leedy (Kings of Carlisle) is getting calls all night with ‘Dirty Little Secret’

After previously performing with his tragically lost best friend Keith who has sadly passed, Russell Leedy (Kings of Carlisle) tells us the story of dealing with someone who can’t get get enough of you with ‘Dirty Little Secret‘.

Russell Leedy is a Pennsylvania-based indie pop solo artist, writer and music producer, who was formally living in California. He performs under the stage name of Kings of Carlisle, and is a well-respected artist who makes music for the love of the art form.

KOC’s style includes, soul, rock, gospel, & country.” ~ Russell Leedy

There is much to like on this new steamy single from a vocalist on the top of his game, as he sings with such strength and electrifying vocals which streams vividly through your perked-up speakers. He is in the mood to wave goodbye to this mysterious lover but sees their miss calls all the time – as he wonders how to end things – with a confident woman who does as she pleases.

Dirty Little Secret‘ from the Pennsylvania-based indie pop artist Russell Leedy (Kings of Carlisle), shows us into the kiss-filled story of being with someone who wants to have you for themselves behind closed doors, when no one else is looking. He is looking for more and wonders why they seem to be so ashamed of being with you, while you are ready to tell the world. Sung with a strong presence from a man who knows what he wants – this is a love struck single full of intrigue and late-night romance you should probably be avoiding – but just can’t get enough of either.

Hear this fine new track on Spotify and see more on the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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