Mizuchi drops real new single about addiction with ”Morphine”

Addiction is a deep hole to climb your way out of. The detours are littered with tempting caveats and slightly open doors that you know you should avoid but end up sneaking in anyway. This topic is rapped through this new track from Mizuchi to effective levels that linger in your mind and ears.

Born and raised in Mumbai, Mizuchi found the inspiration for his moniker in the years of exposure to Japanese art and films. He shares its affinity with the name Varun in Hindu mythology.

Morphine” is the brand new hot release from this indie rapper who tells stories so illuminatingly right in your face. He is a true storyteller and has a unique style that I haven’t heard before. The production is raw and I’m sure was due to COVID-19. I like it though. I’ve always been a fan of music that sounds different and not so perfect. This is a good song and I admire the emcee for being so honest of his battles. It takes heart and self-awareness to get these issues out there. He could help people who is the point of music. Healing and being inspiring. Mizuchi just did that.

Click here to hear this track on SoundCloud.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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