Miracles do happen!

Not only possessing a really cool, not to mention unusual, name, Painted on Silent Blue trade in dream like indie-pop, music. It does so by swathing lilting piano sounds with lush harmonies, changing languages as others might change key and it is this multi-linguistic delivery which best sums up what lies at the heart of their music. Even if they are not singing in a language you can understand, Miracles never loses its appeal, proving that vocal lines are more than just about communicating in words but are equally able to communicate through emotion on a less conscious level.

This Viennese duo certainly knows the art of understatement and like all working with such spacious sound palettes fully understand that atmosphere and anticipation are just as important as the actual notes, rhythm and words that they use to create these gossamer tracks. Beauty is as much about what is left out as it is about its more obvious qualities and Painted on Silent Blue are fully aware of this.

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