Minus 2 wants to know where she is from on the retro-future hit, ‘First Aid Kit’

As we are gently launched into a vividly romantic story that will have your heart beating faster and your energy alive with the possibilities of a liaison with someone who you truly fancy, Minus 2 has our enthralled ears on a happy cruise via their much-loved single called ‘First Aid Kit‘.

Minus 2 is a Los Angeles, USA-based retro-future/alt-dance/electronic duo that was formed by ex-professional football players Collin Charles and J. Black.

After a few years of pursuing their respective post-collegiate athletic careers, the two reunited in 2017 with music being the newly discovered foundation of their friendship.” ~ Minus 2

Bringing forth that much-need flair to our lives with their signature sound that lifts your spirits upwards no matter what situation you are in currently, Minus 2 sends us into a new stratosphere of pure appreciation for those real sisters who have the right psyche and want that vital mental stimulation before anything else.

First Aid Kit‘ from Los Angeles, USA-based retro-future duo Minus 2, is a groovy masterpiece that you will find hard to get out of your mind. There is a top-notch flow of the very highest standard that gets you into the mood – to find someone who looks into your eye with that cheeky look – to get your smile beaming and your hands holding as you roll into the night as one.

Check out this excellent video on YouTube and see more via the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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