Figuring out what went wrong: A-A drop new single about how relationships can go icy fast on ‘Cold Hearted’

A-A bring us a riveting new track to full immerse ourselves into, that will leave you a bit chilly called ‘Cold Hearted‘.

Recently formed electronic-pop duo A-A is a joint project from Alex Williamson and Austin Hintz, who make a delightful mixture of up and downtempo music, to fill our hearts with goodness and thoughtful stories of love.

With passionate pop vocals that make you listen so intently and with memories of past relationships rushing through your brain like an express train, you find yourself nodding your head at the stories about how manipulative some people can be as they dramatically put the blame on you, while never admitting anything from their side. This is a vicious circle of blustery winds that will only end with you feeling the brunt of the storm, no matter how hard you try and help their state of mind.

Cold Hearted‘ from electro-pop duo A-A is the true story about how sometimes love can be so strong for a while and then after a while you notice that your partner is actually not the right person for you. The relationship then ends and its all over with you questioning why you were with them in the first place-as their heart is not warm and caring like yours.

To be truly happy inside and to unlock to the door to personal freedom, you need to find the special soul that has the kindness key, so you can both walk through and be at peace with one another, no matter what obstacles you both face.

Stream this new single on Soundcloud and see what they get up to next on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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