Maya Yenn shows us inside the distressing mentality of our overly busy humanity with ‘Better Luck Next Time’

After her astonishing single from March 2022 called ‘How Much Sadness Can You Swallow?‘, Maya Yenn shows us inside that aircraft that is sinking but finds one flyer lost inside a vortex that can’t save him with, ‘Better Luck Next Time‘.

Maya Yenn is a classy UK-based alternative dark-pop/Electro-pop singer-songwriter and music producer who blends in sweet textures of gloriously beautiful RnB.

Written from the perspective of a young man who has prioritised his career above everything else, so much so, he’s still trying to get a report out while his plane is going down.” ~ Maya Yenn

Guiding us calmly into the airwaves above with her innovative beats, Maya Yenn is rather fantastic on a single that shows us that scary mentality that should shudder into the core of us all. With a genuine story that many have felt before or experienced in a relationship, this is a striking song sung with passion, that should show us that no job is worth your life.

Maya grew up in rural Staffordshire before moving to London, having previously supported artists such as Dan Croll and Stealing Sheep as a teenager. She moved back to her parents’ Staffordshire home at the beginning of the pandemic and has continued to write and produce music from her childhood home.” ~ Maya Yenn

Better Luck Next Time‘ from UK-based Alt-pop/Electro-pop singer-songwriter and music producer Maya Yenn is a clear picture that carefully examines humankind’s self-destructive behaviour that is ultimately worrying for us all. Pondering on why so many decide to give their priceless souls away for relative peanuts, this is a fine track that shall have us all thinking deeper than before.

With her classy vocals that send us a light of truth like a superhero, you will feel like reaching out to those close ones who have perhaps taken things a bit too far for their own health to handle.

Listen up to this fascinating single on Spotify and see more on her IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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