Matthew Rodino shows extraordinary force on instrumental rock gem Suggestive Ideas

Sauced up to the max with a chef-like skill and immense force, Matthew Rodino slices up those previous plans and gets a mosh pit happening while the pasta is simmering on Suggestive Ideas.

Matthew Rodino is a hugely passionate indie rock instrumentalist who assembles a massively soul-stirring performance on each of his cinematic marvels.

To pick a genre and stick with it is a difficult task. So instead of doing that, right out of the gate, I decided to implement multiple genres into my music.” ~ Matthew Rodino

Thundering in with so much The Rock-like power and brawn, Matthew Rodino shakes our bodies awake and slams through with a spectacular track to remember forever.

Suggestive Ideas from indie rock instrumentalist Matthew Rodino is a rather ear-shaking track to turn up real loud. This is an excellent anthem which shall encapsulate the mood of so many right now. Energetic in all forms and an absolute ripper to lather inside, this is a superb single that shall fill the ears of those who need it.

Hear this heavy song on Spotify. View more on the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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