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Komraus Release Trip-Hop Cinematic Video For “If I Am Dreaming”

Komraus is a live cinematic music trio group band that’s based in London. This music group has long been shunning out mind thrilling songs that capture the interest of their listening audience in most of their live shows and music exhibition. Clearly, you shouldn’t expect anything less than quality from this song.

Sara has an amazing vocal power that can easily make you remember the last time you felt so emotional. The mastered sound of the instruments in the music is quite soothing and well placed to create a distinct balance that shields the usual side sound reverberation that comes with this kind of music performance.

This song can subtly be described as those musical theme songs in a movie that can transfix you to a whole new level of the picturesque sound landscape.

How Giuseppe handled those acoustic and electronic drums in the beginning of the song is so intriguing and captivating. Miguel didn’t disappoint on his path as well, the impact of his synth and his piano magic was fully experienced once again in this song.

This is a powerful song with nice lyrics that speaks more on human feelings and desire for love.



Nyro Releases Cinematic Track “Terror In Tacoma”

Rarely do artist completely change the direction of sound – and do it as effortlessly as Nyro has done on, “Terror In Tacoma.” The lavish yet slightly monochromatic musical score dances around a colorful yet glassy piano and not much else (maybe some slight strings here and there), but it’s the whimsical simplicity that sets the undertone of mystery and anticipation.  The musical score enters with a reoccurring motif that slowly blends within the score allowing the listener to relate to the sound on a narrative level. If you listen close enough, there’s a story unfolding right before your very eyes or ears rather and that’s the best part of this piece.

The veracity of the piano is a key factor when listening to this track, as it’s use employs a wide range of orchestrated sounds dancing from subtle almost Asian influenced patterns to playfully quaint tones yielding harmonious moments of both beauty and anticipation. Despite its beauty (or maybe because of it) one can’t help but be drawn in from beginning to end. This is a solid track, a refreshing glass of water in the somewhat cottonmouth sound we are slowing becoming accustomed to hearing more and more these days.


A&R Factory Present: DYAN

Of Love is a departure from the minimalist, synth-driven singles DYAN released in the summer of 2016 as they were releasing their debut album, Looking For Knives. With an introduction of warm woodwind chords, Of Love tells a story of a lover, once left, now leaving to find a way forward alone. As the song progresses, instruments creep into the song – guitars, violins, cellos, drums – building a sound to reflect the wide open world you get into when you leave heartache behind.

A trio with roots in Winnipeg, Cincinnati, and Los Angeles, DYAN builds songs out of minimalist synths, layers of atmospheric guitars, and driving rhythms. Alexis Marsh (singer/guitarist/bassist) and Sam Jones (guitarist/synths) co-produced Marsh’s songs between scoring film and television projects; Dan Dorff Jr (drums/synths) joined when the duo was mixing what became the group’s debut album, Looking For Knives. With the band in place, they began translating the music from the studio to the stage, playing their first show at Union Station as part of Live Nation’s Ones To Watch summer concert series in July 2016. Looking For Knives premiered on Billboard late-July 2016 and was preceded by singles “St. James”, “Days Upon Days”, and “Looking For Knives” – each one charting on HypeMachine.

The title track spent two weeks in the top 10 of Spotify’s Viral Chart (both USA & Global), helping push play-count to over 500,000 within a month of its release. Looking For Knives is available on vinyl at


A&R Factory Present: STEELE

In January this year Swedish artist STEELE gained widespread attention upon the release of her EP ‘OPIUM’. With acclaimed reviews from music bloggers and journalists worldwide she also managed to top the ‘Editors Choice’ list in the mars issue of Rolling Stone Magazine Mexico.

It’s with great expectations we’re announcing her new single ‘Follow’ – a song full of energy, pace and big expressions. It combines STEELE’s cinematic influences along with elements inspired by Post-rock music. It’s her most dynamic song to date, with a structure and arrangement that takes the listener up and down, high and low and eventually leads them through a musical maze that’s full of emotion and passion. As STEELE herself describes it;

“Follow is a track about my relation to music. It’s more like an ode to music really. No matter what I’m going through, music will always be there for me, with me and it’s something I’ll always hold on to”.

Teaming up with producers & songwriters Charles Elmi and Dejan Sajinovic, ‘Follow’ will lead the way for her sophomore EP which is set to be released later this year. ‘Follow’ is set to be released on June 27th through her label, Firegate Music Group.

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