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Matthew Rodino shows extraordinary force on instrumental rock gem Suggestive Ideas

Sauced up to the max with a chef-like skill and immense force, Matthew Rodino slices up those previous plans and gets a mosh pit happening while the pasta is simmering on Suggestive Ideas.

Matthew Rodino is a hugely passionate indie rock instrumentalist who assembles a massively soul-stirring performance on each of his cinematic marvels.

To pick a genre and stick with it is a difficult task. So instead of doing that, right out of the gate, I decided to implement multiple genres into my music.” ~ Matthew Rodino

Thundering in with so much The Rock-like power and brawn, Matthew Rodino shakes our bodies awake and slams through with a spectacular track to remember forever.

Suggestive Ideas from indie rock instrumentalist Matthew Rodino is a rather ear-shaking track to turn up real loud. This is an excellent anthem which shall encapsulate the mood of so many right now. Energetic in all forms and an absolute ripper to lather inside, this is a superb single that shall fill the ears of those who need it.

Hear this heavy song on Spotify. View more on the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Hold On Me: Gary Mictian longs for that rare moment of body-shuddering love on I’ll Wait

Certain of something which could eventually breeze away into the night sky, Gary Mictian sings with conviction and well-loved kindness and hope with his latest single I’ll Wait.

Gary Mictian is a London, UK-based indie singer-songwriter and music producer who connects electronic pop, dystopian sci-fi and cinematic sound all together like he was born to make music.

Sending us into a romantic flurry of emotions, Gary Mictian can truly rocket into our ears with much excitement because of his hugely likeable music vibration that sends pulses into overdrive.

I’ll Wait from London, UK-based indie pop singer-songwriter/music producer Gary Mictian is a supreme effort of monumental magnitudes. Laced in so much beauty and genuine honesty, this is a fine song to take our hearts into what it takes sometimes for true love to happen.

If you have the perseverance and feel the return energy connection, two souls can be together forever.

Listen up on Spotify and see more vibes on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Ravery Moore drops mysterious new single She was walking in the dark

Guiding us through the story of that lonely walk through the wind-swept park, Ravery Moore shows us that scary time when the trees shiver and the night feels rather spooky on She was walking in the dark.

Ravery Moore is a USA-based indie alternative singer-songwriter who is in imperious form and makes those cinematic singles which will have fingernails feeling sharper.

Fermenting with so much self-awareness and featuring a compelling story, Ravery Moore is truly passionate beyond any previous comprehension through a scintillating track. There is so much vigor inter-webbed through the incredible passion on offer that shall show us where that all-important path leads.

She was walking in the dark from USA-based indie alternative singer-songwriter Ravery Moore is an emotionally charged single with a breezy feel to proceedings. Projected with real depth and simmering with so much honesty, this is a gripping track to play when you feel like taking your imagination into the outdoors again.

Hear this fine song on Spotify and see more on the Twitter music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Italian classical pianist STEFANO FREDDI shows the world his unquestionable skill that is within his ‘Deep Soul’

After gracing us with ‘Five Notes Symphony the Murderer’s Tale‘ from April 2021, STEFANO FREDDI calms down everything like a true master of his craft to make sure we know where that ‘Deep Soul‘ has been hiding all this time.

STEFANO FREDDI is a Verona, Italy-based classical pianist who makes the kind of cinematic experience that certainly belongs in the movies when true emotion is needed.

A pianist since he was six years old, the Italian composer describes composing music as fulfilling an intrinsic need for self-expression and is an essential part of his life.” ~ STEFANO FREDDI

With a tremendously cultivated effort that sends you into a tranquil state of affairs, STEFANO FREDDI takes our hand and guides us to that island of freedom that is miles away from anything that can damage your priceless mood. Each note has been carefully crafted with rare dignity, that should warm your intestines and get you breathing properly again.

Always pushing himself to delve into different genres, Stefano Freddi has also composed soul music and he dabbled in house production.” ~ STEFANO FREDDI

Deep Soul‘ from the renowned Italy-based classical pianist STEFANO FREDDI is such a peaceful experience that you might get shivers pulsating down your spine to set you free again. This is an instrumental effort that contains so much beauty and skill, to bring you back to a place where you aren’t worrying about everything.

Great music heals you deeply if you listen intently enough.

Listen up to this fine new single on Spotify and check out more via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Texas singer-songwriter Chey wonders why the kisses are in ‘Limbo’

As the smokey ash falls from the air when the time to be alive is almost over, Chey finds beauty with her angel who is saving her from all the madness but wonders why they are romantically still stuck in that spacey-souled cold ‘Limbo‘.

Chey is an emerging young Texas, USA-based indie singer-songwriter who commenced her music voyage after college and has bravely used this life-changing art form to help her mental health in this complex world.

I wrote this song in a hotel room, flew to Dallas for 24 hours to record it in the studio, and finished cutting vocals in my closet.” ~ Chey

With a vocal atmosphere that surely reminds you of early Lana Del Rey, Chey is at her tragic romance best with a vocal experience that might send shivers down your spine and possibly induce small tears down your cheek. Her exceptional honesty transforms your mood so quickly, as her story has you in a flashback kind of mindset that fills your mind as you remember a past love that just faded away unexpectedly.

Being an avid storyteller, Chey’s lyricism is inspired by film and literature and is greatly influenced by her real-life experiences, allowing her to personalize her art while still having it resonate with others.” ~ Chey

Limbo‘ from the Texas, USA-based indie singer-songwriter Chey, shows us a vividly described love story that is cinematic to its core and ultimately so striking on your heart as we are thrown into a picture that has you thinking so deeply. You love your partner so much but feel like you are stuck in a world that feels numb, as you wonder if that heart-beating feeling will return. Sung with true compassion, this is a really promising effort from an artist who only seems to get better and better.

Hear this outstanding new single on Spotify and see more via the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

The Escape: Oska Zaky looks for that new start on ‘Power in Me’ (feat. Taliesin and Samuel Hunter)

After gigging extensively all over the world including the UK (Glastonbury Festival), USA, Spain, Portugal, Ghana, China and Egypt, Oska Zaky has taken the last year to really focus on making quality music from home and returns with his stunning eleventh single called ‘Power in Me(feat. Taliesin and Samuel Hunter).

Oska Zaky is a creative South West, England-based singer-songwriter, DJ, and music producer with Arabic and Irish Lineage. He forms that cinematic style of art that is different to the rest, as its made with a real authentic vibes and full of unrivaled vest.

I am, In plainer words, a bundle of prejudices— made up of likings and dislikings.” – Oska Zaky

This is a wondrous effort from a truly classy artist, who has brought together a quality team that transforms your mind into another space entirely. Each second feels so special and clear, like a massive headache that has passed after you felt so misty and unhappy for so long.

Featuring Taliesin, who is a well-respected singer-songwriter from London, who’s played at Glastonbury, Envision and Wilderness festivals, plus Samuel Hunter, who is the identical twin to Taliesin – an exciting electronic and pop producer – this is a classy effort and a terrific song that has your heart beating in unison, to the incomparable beauty intertwined inside.

The song came together as naturally as it sounds. 3 friends in a studio for 3 days connecting to the landscapes and ancient power of Glastonbury with an intention to create a track that empowers people. The song contains no midi forcing the use of natural sounds and musicianship. It explores the idea of becoming hooked on the digital realm and how it can cause us to lose our connection with the planet. With an ending resolving to the words “power in me”, listeners are left with a flare of strength and stability.” – Oska Zaky

Power in Me(feat. Taliesin and Samuel Hunter) from the UK-based multi-talented music producer, DJ and singer Oska Zaky, is a movie-like soundtrack all about looking forward to a new day, as you have been locked up in your daydreams for too long. The world changed and you missed being outside so much – the fresh air and the buzz of meeting old and new friends – as you look forward to when you can fully express yourself again.

Stream this top new single on Spotify and see more news on the IG channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Michael Livschitz mellifluously hammers home the tragedy of silent suffering with ‘When Broken Hearts Are Silent’

Between the title and the stabbing intensity of the piano progressions which mellifluously hammer home the tragedy in silent suffering, you can’t help but engage with the evocative potential within Munich’s Michael Livschitz’s latest score ‘When Broken Hearts Are Silent’.

Of all the things that have been lost and have been changed since the pandemic started, I consistently find myself mourning the fact we seem to be slipping into hesitancy to speak, hesitancy to be loud, artful and incredible, hesitancy to be who we were before in the wake of catastrophe and ennui.

When Broken Hearts Are Silent is not a sombre composition, by any means. It is explorative and poignantly reflective through the way it tugs on tender heartstrings, allowing the keys to say what words won’t let us express.

Any fans of Hans Zimmer, John Williams and Ennio Morricone will undoubtedly want to get acquainted with the cinematic presence which resides in Michael Livschitz’s sound.

When Broken Hearts Are Silent is now available to stream via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Ryuho Okawa – An epic, swelling, storm of a soundscape in “The Thunder”

Ryuho Okawa’s ‘The Thunder” is an epic, rolling, soundscape – 8’15” of soaring composition in three parts, a gorgeous, haunting female vocal cutting in over the orchestral melodrama. It sounds, and I mean this in the most complimentary way possible, like the end credit music to a Michael Bay movie or, even more, a Hideo Kojima game, Metal Gear Solid or Death Stranding cut scenes rolling as the strings swell and the tympani crash. It’s that expansive and evocative.

It is a beautiful, well-crafted piece; a slow build of melancholy orchestration, deep long-drawn out ‘cello notes underlying pizzicato violin, and then three minutes in there’s a drop, the calm before the musical storm. That stunning vocal cuts in before a huge peal of orchestral thunder, a lift, and the drums rise to a militaristic tattoo, all snare rolls and marching beat, then the resolve at 5’30”, crescendo to key shift and then peace, the slow play out, the fierceness of the storm abating, tranquillity returning as the volume fades.

‘The Thunder’ is stunning; an absolute tempest of a track. You can hear it here, but be warned – you may need to take a moment after to catch your breath.

Review by Alex Holmes.

Polyna transfixes our hearts on ‘Angel’

Angel‘ is the brand new release from the fast-rising Polyna and she certainly has our attention.

Polyna originally hails from a ‘dark town’ in Siberia which doesn’t appear on any map at all and is a Plutonium making town. She wasn’t going to let this stand in her way and embarked on an artistic career which eventually saw her go on to become one of the most successful performers in Moscow’s artistic community.

Polyna now lives in East London in the UK. She is currently preparing to release her debut album which is a collection of Arctic, frosted art-pop with emotional and sometimes dramatic intimacy. This is such a cinematic marvel to behold and you can see the talent dripping off the speakers. Her music could be called angel-pop as her music has that effect on your soul.

Angel‘ from Polyna is a terrific song and I get lost in her music. She is one artist to keep an eye on as you just know that she would be amazing live.

Stream this new dance track here on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Mared – Over Again: Strikingly Refined Neo-Classic Pop

We were lucky enough to get a sneak peek of Welsh singer-songwriter Mared’s latest semi-orchestral single “Over Again”. It’s safe to say that the Neo-Classically inspired Pop score is one of the most refined yet striking singles which we’ve heard this year.

Mared’s poised yet passionate vocals resound over the light melodic flurries weaved by the piano-led choral instrumental arrangement. Repetition may have been the inspiration behind the track, but there was none to be found in the gently and seamlessly progressive soundscape. Prepare to be arrested by Mared’s narrative lyrics which allow you to share the fraught emotion which spills from being stuck in a toxic romantic cycle and unable to escape. I’m sure everyone can relate. Even if you can’t, if you have a shred of empathy in your body, prepare for it to be accordantly tugged.

You can check out Over Again for yourselves from June 19th on all major streaming platforms via this link.

Review by Amelia Vandergast