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Matthew Rodino shows extraordinary force on instrumental rock gem Suggestive Ideas

Sauced up to the max with a chef-like skill and immense force, Matthew Rodino slices up those previous plans and gets a mosh pit happening while the pasta is simmering on Suggestive Ideas.

Matthew Rodino is a hugely passionate indie rock instrumentalist who assembles a massively soul-stirring performance on each of his cinematic marvels.

To pick a genre and stick with it is a difficult task. So instead of doing that, right out of the gate, I decided to implement multiple genres into my music.” ~ Matthew Rodino

Thundering in with so much The Rock-like power and brawn, Matthew Rodino shakes our bodies awake and slams through with a spectacular track to remember forever.

Suggestive Ideas from indie rock instrumentalist Matthew Rodino is a rather ear-shaking track to turn up real loud. This is an excellent anthem which shall encapsulate the mood of so many right now. Energetic in all forms and an absolute ripper to lather inside, this is a superb single that shall fill the ears of those who need it.

Hear this heavy song on Spotify. View more on the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Leave Behind: Leifer knows he needs to make a change on ‘Black and Blue’

With his much-anticipated album ‘Ahead From Where We Came‘ on its way soon, Leifer carefully sends us such an introspective gem that will have you turning this all the way up with ‘Black and Blue‘.

Leifer (pronounced Lifer) is an acclaimed New York City-based alt-soul solo artist, multi-instrumentalist and freestyler. He makes that riveting type of music that catches you off guard at first, and he sizzles so smoothly in your speaker that you might need to listen twice.

Ranging from delicate ballads to euphoric alt-soul anthems, the album aims to explore the relationship between mental health and love as the protagonist forges through the highs and lows of depression and anxiety through the lens of his relationships.” – Leifer

His voice is such a pleasure on the previously battered earlobes, as he shares such an incredibly intimate real story of a relationship that went sadly array, as the walls closed in and you felt like you needed to move on. The mellow tone is sensually caring, as he sings lovingly with such clarity on a riff that is rather sweet and tender. You feel the regret in his voice as he wanted the love to last forever – but knows that he needs to work on himself first for that to happen- if its not too late.

Black and Blue‘ from the much-respected New York indie alt-soul solo artist Leifer, is that story where you wish the page could go back in time, as the communication broke down like a tired car and caused you to hit rock bottom. Sometimes life is there to teach you things and humble you up – other times its just plain harsh – and shows you that we can only control, what we can control.

Stream this top song on Spotify and check out the IG for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Free From Myself: Brandon Roach flies mightily high on the wonderfully crafted ‘Wings’ (ft. Amanda Morin and Mo)

As you feel the peaceful vibrations flying so calmly into your consciousness to get rid of the built-up toxins within, Brandon Roach roams into our ears so majestically on ‘Wings(ft. Amanda Morin and Mo).

Brandon Roach is an excellent Colorado-based guitarist, downhill skater and producer, who creates that unique body-moving experience, with his diversely fascinating psychedelic math rock and electric guitar dance music.

The skillful guitar simmers into your mind with the story about just following the direction you know is right, so that you may heal so beautifully. You sense the subtle vocals intertwine into your curious mind, and sparkle into your soul with just the right amount of intrigue, to keep you wanting more.

Wings(ft. Amanda Morin and Mo) from the superb Colorado instrumentalist Brandon Roach, is a heart-healing feeling that leaves your body as one with itself, after a long journey in a different world. You feel crystallized somehow and morph into a mellow state of mind that is so welcome, as this is one of those underground gems that deserves the upmost love.

Stream this new single on Spotify and see more on Brandon’s IG, Amanda’s and Mo’s too.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Bringing Beauty Again: Canada’s Steve Nicosia sends us a heartfelt ‘Reflection’ to immerse inside

Taken off his five-track EP from 2020 called ‘Retrospective‘, Steve Nicosia gives us a picture of his ‘Reflection‘ on this soulful track, that will have you feeling thoughtful about where your life is headed.

Steve Nicosia is a Canadian instrumentalist who likes to make music that means something deeper than most, as he filters out the noise of the world to create something meaningful and authentic.

The layers are made with such care and love, each verse swims into each other like a crystal clear river that shimmers into the sunlight. This is the perfect song to mellow your heart with, as you glide into the night with no worries in the world.

Reflection‘ from Toronto, Canada-based instrumental artist Steve Nicosia, is the sweet look inside the world that can be so pure if you let it consume you, as you block out the distractions and peacefully sift through what is actually important, and what really isn’t.

Stream this track on Spotify and see more on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Parsley Palette releases single Who Gives A Fuk feat Danny

Young music producer and instrumentalist Parsley Palette releases latest single ‘Who Gives A Fuk’ feat Danny infusing the sounds of Elctro, Synth and Pop.

Kicking off with that eerily shrill sound that flows in the background, as the techno melody begins to take the lead, introducing a rather synthesized voice that starts the track off as the vocals come in, in a rather abrupt way, having a rather gravelly tone to them, giving it that upbeat tone as the melody begins to kick in with that more Drum and Bass element, to get you moving, the vocals get higher and everything gets a little crazier.

Towards the middle the tone of voice becomes very distorted and starts to fade in and out, as the lyrics begin to enter that repetitive approach, then the upbeat energetic rhythm comes flying back in. There’s a lot going on within a short amount of time, but that doesn’t sway away from the fact it’s intriguing to listen too and hear each element that has been put into it.

Be sure to check out this one by producer Parsley Palette ft Danny.

Listen to Parsley Palette Who Gives A Fuk ft Danny by heading on over to Spotify now.

Review by Karley Myall

Alien Private Eye- No Call: Electronica at it’s finest

Experimental Electronica shines through in Alien Private Eye’s new single ‘’No Call’. It may not be to everyone’s taste but it’s for sure impressive and shows a lot of creativity.

This track takes Electronica to a whole new level, there is so much suspense as you listen, it’s mysterious, dark and even eerie in places. It’s one that you really feel yourself going on a journey through the evolution of sounds and the impact they have on a listener.

Most of the time with this specific style of music it’s either vocals and a mix of sound effects or just sound on its own. Well Alien Private Eye decided to combine the two together by adding this almost hypnotising rhythm as well as these mesmerising vocals that gives the track this dose of up-beat energy.

The melody compliments the vocals and the pitch and pace is so similar that nothing seems out of place, the use of sound effects fits with the vocal ranges perfectly. Be sure to check this one out!

Check out No Call by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Karley Myall

Grammy Nominated Instrumentalist John Burke Releases “Rift”

John Burke is an artist and composer with a vibrant, kaleidoscopic twist and a unique approach to his sound. “Rift” is an exciting shape-shifting tracks that combines folk, classical music and other influences into a driven mix. Clocking in at over 8 minutes, “Rifts” echoes the work of celebrated composers such as Yann Tiersen or Alexandre DeSplat, just to mention but a few.

The beautiful string sections complement the round piano chords beautifully, almost as if the strings and the keys were chasing one another in a playful whirlwind, like autumn leaves before they touch the ground. The beat of the song is minimalistic and bare-bones compared to the intricate melodic arrangements, but it does a great job at keeping it all together.