Mariele Jankowski sang ‘The Long Song of Mary Green’ in her folky feat of beguile

The latest single, The Long Song of Mary Green, from the London-based singer-songwriter Mariele Jankowski keeps the true storytelling roots of folk blossoming in blissfully melodic beguile.

Around the vivid imagery that spills over the acoustic guitars, which rhythmically guide you through the release beneath Mariele Jankowski’s timelessly mesmeric vocal timbre that lends itself well to distinction, is a compelling tale that is worth heeding.

As we all embark on endless quests for eternal happiness, and we fail to account for the world’s tendency to throw us curveballs as it turns, upending the promise of eternal bliss. Mariele Jankowski delivers the soulfully resonant reminder that for any real shot of happiness, we need to master the art of letting go and enjoying the journey instead of fixating on the destination.

I can honestly say I haven’t been this taken with a folk artist since discovering Amigo the Devil, and that isn’t an accolade I part with easily. Yet, the euphorically euphonic outro is one that I will delve into this extended release time and time again for.

The Long Song of Mary Green will be available to stream from March 3rd on SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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