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Olivia Frances – The Bee and the Rose: Spiritually Resolving Indie Folk Pop

Plenty of Nashville-based Folk Pop singer-songwriter Olivia Frances’ releases have deservedly gone viral. If you’re yet to experience her spiritually resolving sound, her 2019 single The Bee & the Rose the perfect introduction.

As soon as you hit play on the seminal single, you’re hit with arcane and almost tribal tones before Olivia Frances starts to sweeten the soundscape with her harmonically arrestive vocals. As the single progresses, the Indie Folk Pop instrumental arrangement becomes more eclectic and its hold on you gets tighter.

It’s not every day you hear such angular guitar riffs in Indie Folk Pop or an artist who has such a magnetically soulful vocal command.

You can check out The Bee & the Rose for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


South African folk fairy Leoné Murphy echos the current world with spellbinding ”Chaos”

I’ve always wanted to play crochet with a real fairy.

In a world full of chaos there are always those good souls that send us messages and leave clues behind to help us. This is one of those moments. When you hear true words that have been created with only good intentions. This is the reminder that all is not lost.

Dubai based South African singer-songwriter Leoné Murphy sends us a peaceful message full of guidance on her new single ”Chaos”. Her stunningly crystal clear voice that is like a fresh waterfall gushing with true stories that have not been tainted at all. I have goosebumps and my heart is happy again. Each word means something.

In a world full of mystery and depressing news, Leoné is a leading light to find the right way and not get sucked into the oil-spilled carnage of current events. The South African folk singer with an incredible voice and real lyrics impresses so much hear that I’m still shaking my heat and smiling. There is light and with music we all heal.

Chaos” from Leoné Murphy is 2020’s turning point and one of my favorite songs by far. This is a soundtrack that needs to be cherished and enjoyed with family & friends. We can all escape if we are together as one.

Stream this stunning song full of worldly beauty that will transfix your soul on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Underdog Italian folk singer Ruins Barren shows us his journey with heart-filled gem ”Ruins”

There are those mysterious singer-songwriters sometimes that have real stories. All those years of playing in smokey bars and seeing the whole world has hardened you up. You are now able to part your experiences on the world.

Ruins’‘ is off their new brooding 9 track album called ”Land Of Desolation”. This is the ultimate underground folk music that is majestically formulated. The music is made with love and real experiences of the ruins of the world that is currently before our tired eyes.

The Italian artist ”Ruins” is in flawless form here as his smoke-filled voice echos lessons of life and how we must be careful not to ruin our lives. He is the storyteller disguised away with guitar close by always and he strikes through with his match of real stories. Stories have grit with a flicker. This is the type of artist we should support as without live gigs the world is a gloomy place.

To see more about shows and new music head through to Facebook.

Hear this misty-eyed gem of a song right here on their Spotify channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Folk Singer Songwriter Hellwaffles Has Made Their Debut with the Amorously Sweet Single “Training Wheels”

Folk and Indie Punk converge in singer-songwriter Hellwaffles debut single “Training Wheels”. The instantly enamouring Lo-Fi track may just consist of an acoustic guitar and Alt Folk vocals, but that’s all that was required to create a resounding intimate single.

The lyrics run you through all too relatable mental health issues as the artist employs their sense of humour about the never-ending battle when it comes to keeping your sanity. Quite honestly, I can’t remember the last time I heard a more relatable single.

I’m already stoked to hear what comes next from Hellwaffles and their refreshingly candid style.

You can check out Training Wheels for yourselves by heading over to Spotify.

Keep up to date with the latest releases by Hellwaffles by following them on Instagram.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Kev Scott & The Cherished Times release a soulful love story with ”Carry You”

You have to carry on no matter obstacles are in the way. We want the love to live forever and won’t give up if we know it’s right. Can we see this light shine through or will it fade into darkness with hurt and only memories?

2020 sees UK artist Kev Scott return with a fourth studio album. This time he is enthusiastically joined by recording band The Cherished Times. The band was formed by Kev to give recognition to the regular number of musicians and singers he enjoys working with and who help inspire him to make music.

Exhausted Fantasies” is the latest album from Kev and the band and it’s a much anticipated release. His music is hauntingly real and the style is so timeless. Kev is such a good lyricist and you feel the hurt in his voice. ”Carry On” is a strong song and one that will have you swaying back and forth.

This is one of the UK’s most underrated singer-songwriters right here before us. His music is acclaimed and you want him to get the love that he craves. 2020 brings us a wrapped treat all full of goodness and Kev Scott & The Cherished Times impress mightily here.

The latest music from is on Spotify from 26th June so be sure to check it out.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


“Rum” by Soulful Sara aka Sara Maatouk might be the most delicious music video of 2020

Phoenix singer-songwriter Soulful Sara aka Sara Maatouk has such a subtle voice that flies into your ears like a pleasant dream of winning a million dollars. She likes rum too. This is the story about why this is the best drink to consume into your thirsty throat without having a mega sore head the next day. Responsibly of course.

Rum” is the brand new single from this talented singer who dazzles here as she blends in smooth jazz with a bluesy ice style added for good measure. I feel relaxed and the visuals are fantastic. Sara Maatouk is in the local bar and tells us why she doesn’t enjoy other drinks. She is a woman of the people and always makes time for the locals. I feel like if Sara was a super famous star she would still be a local and head there to see friends and have a game of pool.

Shot stunningly by the ultra-talented Dana Bruhn, this is a wonderful music video that is enjoyable from start to finish. She captures Sara’s personality like a real professional that knows her quite well.

Stream the new official Rum song for the world to taste. Head to YouTube.

If you are more of a Spotifier then its okay, click here for more audio. Sara won’t mind.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Prince of Sweden pulls on the heart strings with live video of ”If You Speak to Her, Tell Her Thanks for Me”

Breakups are an emotional roller coaster and can really affect you for years. Perhaps forever. However, you can learn a lot about yourself and its important to cherish those good memories.

Prince of Sweden is a true indie folk singer-songwriter from South London and is emerging slowly but surely on the UK music scene. ”If You Speak to Her, Tell Her Thanks for Me” is the new release from this young musician and we are blessed to have a lyric video to watch.

Recorded at Stonepitts Farm, this is a beautifully sung live track and I really enjoy the simple video. This is a sad song and was captured perfectly. The message here is that Prince of Sweden (James Phippen) is grateful for the great times but knows that it’s over and time to move on.

Wearing a smart white jumper, Prince of Sweden encapsulates a man that is expressing his hidden pain about this new development. I like his voice a lot and would love to watch Prince of Sweden play live. This is the type of singer-songwriter that is low-key and not worries about being flashy on Social Media.

Let’s look for more songs from this real talent who is sure to shine on the local scene when pubs and venues open up again. He is a mysterious figure who will have his time to shine.

To find out more about future shows head to his Facebook page.

Click on this YouTube link to hear this beautiful song for this brilliant singer-songwriter from South London.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Prepare to be sobered by Joe Johnson’s latest Indie Folk single “Be Who You Wanna Be”

Folk singer-songwriter Joe Johnson has recently released his instantly captivating single “Be Who You Wanna Be” and reminded us just how resonant Indie Folk can be.

Be Who You Wanna Be feeds you poignantly meta lyricism whilst grounding you with the melancholically-tinged instrumentals. From such simple guitar melodies and humbly tender vocals, Joe Johnson has created an atmospherically resounding single which will stay with you long after it has faded to a close.

The orchestral layers amplify the emotive weight in Be Who You Wanna Be, but in its essence, it’s a stunningly uplifting track which shares the same appeal as Eddie Vedder’s Into the Wild soundtrack album.

You can check out Be Who You Wanna Be for yourselves by heading over to Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Laurie Vusolo’s returns with impatient story of an ”On and Off” relationship

Sheffield’s Laurie Vusolo is back with a new song and it’s a chilled track that reflects her current mood. ”On & Off” is all about love and what you are willing to do in order to keep the flame burning brightly. The UK has an abundance of incredible artists and once again we are treated to a simple yet beautiful song. This one hits straight to the heart if you have ever experienced the confusion of an on and off relationship- which can be so mentally taxing.

Sometimes your best efforts are not enough and the person you truly desire just doesn’t deserve your love as they are too stubborn to change. Or, are they are willing to make an effort?

With such a soulful voice, this soulful singer-songwriter takes us into her head with ”One & Off‘ and we find out more about her doubts but fascination with an on and off relationship. She knows the time is over and we are sitting on the outside of her apartment while she deals with these feelings. Laurie Vusolo is a wonderful talent. I love her voice and the calm manner in which she portrays her feeling with honest lyrics.

Stream more from this rising singer-songwriter with such soul on her Spotify channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Zachary Ray sings from the soul with loving ”Eyes on You”

With a story about love and heartbreak, we all struggle with our faith on occasions. The sad times that have engulfed our hostile planet make it hard to smile sometimes. Through music with a real message, we can lift up and be inspired.

Zachary Ray sings through it all and has kept a positive attitude no matter what. This is the kind of message that warms the heart and gives hope. This music teacher and performer uses his gifts to help others and this is a selfless man who just wants peace.

Zachary Ray has recently returned back from India and it was there where he met the love of his life. I feel like this song is about her and their child. ”Eyes on You” is a very touching song and shows his care and passion for their well-being. Zachary takes us on a whirlwind of a journey and throughout I was taken aback by his strong voice that lifts through the storm of 2020. This is the kind of music that needs to be blaring across speakers in parks and shops to remind all of us that it’s going to be okay, if we believe and stay united.

Stream this song and listen to all of this very talented singer here on his Spotify channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen