The High-Vibe R&B Pop Cross Over Track That Bleeds Pure Euphoria

Ladies and Gentlemen, we may have discovered the hottest R&B Pop mash up of the summer.

With his latest drop ‘Exit at the Group Stage’ Nactus Kunan created an overwhelmingly hot track. Forget the tired old tap and trickle of the same old 808 drum beat sequences that seem to make up every urban inspired hit this year, because Nactus has quite literally created a monster. Each precious second of the track is filled with fuzzy reverb as you’d expect from any self-respecting Shoegaze band, but instead of spiralling into melancholy Nactus’ vocal offerings and high-vibe style allow the track to bleed pure euphoria.

Exit at the Group Stage is one of those tracks which I have no doubt could appeal to music fans regardless of their genre preferences. It’s fuelled with an infectious level of hype and produced to absolute perfection. Nactus’ vocals have that queissent charming quality to them which makes it all too hard not to be sucked into his captivating matured crooning. Yet despite the level of maturity in his vocals, there is still a pinch innocence.

You can check out Nactus Kunan’s latest single Exit at the Group Stage out on SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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