Malmo – The Light (of Roy) featuring Cadence XYZ: Euphorically Indulgent Dark Electronica

While Malmo’s Bladerunner Memories tracks left us hooked on their finely crafted sound, their latest single “The Light (of Roy)” was like nothing we’d ever heard before. Darkwave EDM blends seamlessly with anthemic Pop to create a momentous mix containing plenty of laceratingly sharp hooks.

Euphoria entwines with dark ominous tones leaving you with a taste of disconcertment but sated on the infectiously anthemic energy of the electronically engineered single.

Instead of creating your archetypal build-ups, their extended nature in The Light creates urgency and intensity which is rarely found in Electronica. Malmo’s deftly executed beats combined with Cadence XYZ’s vocals created a chemistry which will be hard to forget.

You can check out Malmo’s latest mix for yourselves via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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