Malmo – Bladerunner Memories, Pt. 4: Neo-Noir Ambient Electro

Bladerunner and Ambient Electro fans alike are sure to appreciate what Norwegian-based artist cooked up with “Bladerunner Memories, Pt. 4”. Vangelis may have orchestrated an eerily ethereal score for the original Bladerunner theme, but what Malmo created with their score will allow notes from the original to resonate in a far more hypnotic capacity.

Around clever film samples which set the transcendentally ominous tone of the mix you’ll find plenty of catharsis in the minimalistic progressions of the single. The sonic Sci-Fi effects are stripped back, and instead, you’re treated to the lush lucid notes of the synth around the soft kicks of the drum pads. The momentum ebbs and flows throughout the arrestive mix which stands as a testament to the up and coming artist’s ability to construct a flawless score.

You can check out Malmo’s latest single Bladerunner Memories, Pt. 4 for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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