Make moves: Kavi (feat. Billy Conahan) inspires us to take action on the outstanding hip-hop single ‘Verb’

Taken off the quality four-track EP ‘Word!’, Kavi (feat. Billy Conahan) brings the positive vibrations to educate the despondent on ‘Verb‘.

Kevin Varghese aka Kavi is an experimental hip-hop poet from bustling New York City, who carefully constructs that insightful soundscape which attracts deeper minds to the issues that really matter. He inspires us to look further, to always be evolving and never sitting down on those same stale ideas for too long.

His substantially efficient rap style flows like a delightful stream on a summer’s day, each verse is entrenched with soulful powers and conscious purpose, as he blends in the thoughts of a wise healer, who sees where the water needs to go in order for it to be used correctly.

You feel so captivated while listening to this intellectual emcee, his sentence structure has true meaning and your anxious soul has an illuminated essence that fills your heart with positive vibrations, that only serves to put your mind in the right frame to put words into enterprise ideas, that helps you win at life.

Verb‘ (feat. Billy Conahan) from the criminally underrated Kavi, is a thoughtfully smart track that has you thinking about believing in yourself more so you reach your can-I-do-this goals. Making moves and putting ideas into action is the message here, which is highly welcome in this copy and paste kind of mainstream world, that needs fresh voices to inspire the kids of tomorrow.

Hear this consciously enlightening track on Spotify and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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