MADHAUS – Join Me in Hell: EDM Dream Pop for the Pensive

With his second single Join Me in Hell the emerging Hollywood artist MADHAUS has created a sound which I can say with absolute certainty that I’ve never heard before. He poured so much pensive passion into the Urban EDM mix he created an entirely new genre. The Indie scene has the Smiths, and now the EDM scene has MADHAUS to help you cathartically resonate with some earth shatteringly grounding lyrics. Usually when you get an Urban Dance mix that talks about getting wasted it’s normally pretty hyped up, MADHAUS went in completely the different direction and tapped into the darker hazes of getting high. Sobering indeed. Beat wise you can expect a hauntingly heavy Trap beat packed full of snares, kicks, rattles and drops to help you sink a little bit further into the already bewitchingly resounding beat.

You can check out MADHAUS’ insane new drop Join Me in Hell which was released late 2017 on SoundCloud, thankfully since then MADHAUS has bounced back with an astoundingly fierce Alt Rock track Chokers & Chains which can also be found on Soundcloud.

Review by Amelia Vandegast

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