Illegal NoiZe – Inlimit: Ominously Danceable Instrumental EDM

Illegal NoiZe (formerly known as DJZ) has recently dropped their atmospherically dark feat of EDM “Inlimit”. With a sound so polished it resonates as cinematic and rhythmic pulses which are caustically compelling, you get little choice in whether or not you get hooked into the sharp electronic track.

It’s not all too often we can say that Instrumental Electronica tracks offer any amount of distinctive appeal. But considering the fact that Inlimit is so ominously danceable, Illegal NoiZe won’t have all too much trouble re-establishing themselves.

The honesty, in the admission of their bootleg misadventure which saw DJZ’s name disappear from the internet makes Illegal NoiZe’s (and they’re incredibly apt name) mixes even more appealing.

You can check out Illegal NoiZe’s mix Inlimit for yourselves by heading over to Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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