_Lō_Music – Red Thread: Alt Indie Synth Providing the Ultimate Experience in Sonority

I’ve had the displeasure of tasting some stale Electronica in my time. Which usually comes from acts that follow a sequence of synth notes with no meaning or purpose other than as a stroke of the ego or to simply just put a sound out there. _Lō_Music went in an entirely different direction to create their debut track Red Thread. Not only is the sound utterly compelling, the passion that’s riddled within the layers of the track has a beguilingly haunting sensibility to create the ultimate experience in sonority. _Lō_Music have mixed a traditional Indie Synth Pop sound with an infusion of Alternative sounds for a truly immersive mix.

The vocals to the track are as powerful as they come, the polished production doesn’t leave you itching to crank down the volume every time a high note is hit. The dark ambience behind the track put’s _Lō_Music in a completely different league to most of the unsigned Electronica artists I’ve heard to date. I have no doubt that _Lō_Music will be receiving the same notoriety as acts like London Grammar in no time.

You can Check out _Lō_Music’s latest track Red Thread on SoundCloud

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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