Life at the moment: Chachee is honest and reflective on new single ‘Sad Day’

Dark Light by Chachee

Taken off his upcoming thirteen-track album ‘Dark Light‘, that is due for release on the 5th February 2021, Chachee shows us into his mind on the introspective ‘Sad Day‘.

Brooklyn, New York-based 90s lo-fi punk and indie rock artist/drummer Chachee, is a supremely creative musician who makes that nostalgic music that ebbs and flows at reality, while taking you to a thoughtful place that enables you to look deep inside yourself.

This is an artist who plays music to learn about himself and to ask questions about life that can’t be answered yet. A truly deep soul who is a refreshingly honest man in these times of flashy posers ,who get way too much attention for doing very little.

The quirky mixture of acoustic and digital sonic layers fuses with his sense of humor to life right, is a unique outlook that brings so much value to this song for us to hear with a reflective glance, as we know the feeling all too well.

Sad Day‘ from Brooklyn’s self-taught soulful indie artist Chachee, is the intriguing tale of how we are feeling as humanity right now, as each day seems longer than the last with relief still far off. He sings with such a reflective tone that is so rare in music these days. Each day has been a challenge and the hope for a brighter path might still be far down the road, with many detours ahead.

Feeling down is completely natural at the moment, as we grapple with habits that have perhaps defined us, as we realize who we actually aren’t really friends with after all. Sometimes its okay to have a sad day and be off. Tomorrow is going to be a brighter day after all.

Stream this vivid daydream on Bandcamp.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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