Jay Hendo Releases New Track “The Arrival”

Jay Hendo is a young hip hop artist from Florida with strong R&B and hip hop influences from the 80s and 90s. Eagerly working on new material “The Arrival” is in fact Jay Hendo’s first single from his new EP, and as the name implies, it literally presents to us his strong arrival in the hip-hop scene. Full of determination and drive the lyric truly express his potential and desire to keep pushing forward in his career.

Apart from the instrumental backdrop and beat which compliments the structure of the lyrics while also accentuating specific phrases and key words, what is most striking about this track is particularly the rhythm and flow in the rap delivery. While there is a hook section which unifies everything together, the verses are expressed through playful rhythmic variations that deliver the lyrics with a natural prosody and a way that makes them understandable and enjoyable for everyone. At this point Jay Hendo shows no sign of slowing down and the near future definitely shows good things in store for him and his followers.

-Sarah Marie Bugeja

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