Lexically blessed left-field Long Island Rapper AllOne has released their latest single ‘Anodyne as Oblivion’

Lexically blessed left-field Long Island-based Rapper and slam poet, AllOne, dropped their latest feat of conscious Hip Hop, Anodyne as Oblivion on November 6th.

The fast-paced feverishly ardent release puts emotion at the heart of the production using the lyrics to conjure meta imagery while the atmospherically complex and quiescent instrumentals amp up the evocative intensity even further.

With jazzy old school Hip Hop elements melding with hints of New Wave Trap, AllOne discernibly succeeded in creating a fresh but indulgently accessible-from-the-first-hit sound. The mix of sniping visceral lyricism and mellifluous vignette melodies allowed pure Hip Hop alchemy to ooze from Anodyne as Oblivion.

You can check out Anodyne as Oblivion via Bandcamp or YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


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